WordPress vs. Blogger: Weighing the SEO Perspective

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To make the things visible to all is the dream of all the organizations that offer some sort of services or products to the general public. Sometimes, this requires a lot of efforts to make it possible, but sometimes, things come out to be fortunate enough to get the desired fame in no while.

Due to the high use of internet for the search of the online products and services, many organizations have shifted to the online trading and this requires a lot of familiarity of a website among the potential buyers and stakeholders for high volumes of the sales.

One way to achieve the high ranks in the Google’s search results is through leaving the comments on the blogger or WordPress webpages. Both can be used for this purpose but which one is better than the other, is going to be discussed now.

Comparison – WordPress vs. Blogger

In order to get the high ranks in the search engine optimization process, this comparison is going to be made keeping the SEO‘s perspective in mind, in which products are ranked according to the customers’ keywords that they enter in search of a product or a service.

Wordpress vs. Blogger

This ranking is based upon the similarity of the keywords entered by the users and the similar fashion of the keywords found in the website’s content.

1. Ease of use

Although, Google’s Blogger comes out to be easy in the development of blogs and comments for the public, this is considered to be difficult to format for the better search engine optimization practices.

In contrast to this, WordPress is an open source technology and offers its users with a free hand to transform their data into a new form by making changes in the tags and Meta tags of the pages. Blogger does not provide this option and makes it difficult for the webpages to come on the top ranks.

In WordPress, people have the option of customizing the theme as well as content. By doing so, they provide their customers with the eye-catching scenarios to attract the traffic on their site.

2. Better themes availability

Although, blogger provides an option of using some customized themes, but options available to the blogger are few. In contrast to this, WordPress provides an opportunity to get the different designs and themes for the development of pages and people can select any theme depending upon the nature of the business or services that they offer to them.

These themes come out to be very supportive in catching the eyes of the potential customers.

3. How frequently they are required?

It is difficult to maintain the higher ranks on the blogger as it requires the regular posts from the users to be posted on them. When a break comes, their level goes down.

In contrast to this, pages formed in WordPress remain on the higher ranks for a longer duration and do not require 24/7 postings on them for better results.

4. SEO plug-ins

Because of its open source nature, WordPress has developed many SEO plug-ins that can be utilized for the higher ranks of the webpages. Developers can make the use of such plug-ins in order to get the better results in the search engine optimization. However, blogger lacks this facility and requires the regular postings from the people to bring the ranks of the pages in top indexes.

In addition to such plug-ins (Read our post – 10 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO ), WordPress provides its users with a chance to make changes in the structural language. People can use tags and other options by bringing a change in the syntax of the language according to the customers’ entered keywords.


It is easy to make use of the WordPress for the development of the webpages and blog posts, because they can be easily mold into various forms through WordPress platform. Moreover, WordPress offers an ample collection of the templates for the development of the web pages and people can easily opt for the one that best matches with their nature of the services and products.

Most of all use of tags and Meta tags and PHP language in WordPress makes it suitable for many other languages that can be embedded into it. This is why; WordPress is becoming the top most priority for many people all over the world.


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