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We’ve seen them all before, the same old, clichéd tips on how to blog better. They’re scattered all over the internet. We’ve searched the net multiple times already. We came across hundreds of articles, so many articles with all one thing to say. We’re tired of them. We’re tired of all the blogging tips that never seem to work. I want to know what really works. Just like all bloggers out there, you want to know too.


I used to think that blogging was the easiest thing in the world. I remember putting up my first personal blog. I thought that was all there is to blogging: personal stuff.  I had no idea that there were several kinds of blogs. There were company blogs, personal marketing blogs and so on.

The moment I realized that there was more to blogging than I thought, I started to do some research. It turned out I really had a lot to learn. As soon as I got the pieces together, I decided to put up my list of tips on how to blog better. Here they are:

General tips for blogging

Tell the truth

When it’s your first time in blogging, you will always have the tendency to want to impress people. I mean, you want people to visit your site, and hopefully to subscribe to your page too. But apparently, exaggerating your posts won’t do the trick.

People visit blogs for a reason. They’re after something. Making up lies will only annoy them. You can’t get subscribers that way. Nor can you get more visits that way.

If you want people to keep on coming to your site, you should make sure that they are satisfied with what they see.  With that, you need to tell true information.

No copy-catting

Most newbie bloggers want to be like their blogger heroes. With that, they try to copy their writing styles and niche.

Even if you do manage to create a blog that’s just as good as the other one, it still won’t thrive. No matter what you do people will always prefer the original. The best thing you can do is to find a niche that you love and find your own voice.

People won’t come to your blog just for nothing. They’ll only visit your blog if they feel that you are real. You have to be you. People are looking for blogs they can relate to. That can only happen if you use your own voice.

Writing tips for blogging

You have to make a point

People write to express. With that, you can’t just write a blog about nothing. Nobody is going to take an interest in your blog if you just keep on writing for the sake of it without having any point.

So, before you even start writing, you have to know what you want to talk about. You have to know what you want to say.

Be straight to the point

People don’t like to go in circles. They read blogs because they need information. Make sure that you say directly what you want to say. There’s nothing more awful for a reader than to finish reading an entire article without getting anything from it.

Motivation tips for blogging

Don’t give up

Blogging isn’t an easy feat. You’re bound to go through loads of challenges, but what’s important is you don’t lose hope. Just keep on going.

If blogging really is your passion, you should do it because you love it, and the rest will just follow.

Write as often as possible

Blogging isn’t a one-time thing. You have to do it frequently if you want to thrive. You have to keep on feeding your blog with content. Otherwise, you’ll slowly run out of subscribers, or if you’re completely new to the blogging world, you won’t be getting any subscribers if you lack content.

Expect critics

You’re entitled to your own opinion, but know that when you share your opinion and ideas to the world, they’re also entitled to theirs.

It won’t feel good to have somebody say negative things about your blog. Aside from putting you down, it can also give your blog a bad image. With that, you should know how to handle critics in a positive way. You have to respond to them in a professional manner, and instead of putting it to heart, just think of it as an opportunity to improve yourself as a blogger.


Patrick Greene

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Patrick works as a contributor at He is a former editor of a small town newspaper publishing. He is an avid fan of social media, and runs his own page for writing enthusiasts for his college. With the rising clamor for healthy living, Patrick immersed himself with water sports.

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