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Here are some tips to Recover From Google Penguin update. On April 24th of this year, Google made a “Google Penguin” update, which was set to help rid spam-based websites from search results when users when browsing on Google. This update caused many websites to fall in traffic rankings due to the changes over to a new system of keyword rankings and using the search engine.

If the changes from Google has affected you and your business or website, it is important to make a few changes as quickly as possible before Google attempts to virtually crawl and re-index your website to place within the search engine rankings again. Also Read : Google’s New Penguin Algorithm Update : What’s New ?

Recover from Google Penguin Update

Although the Google Penguin update only affected approximately 3.1 percent of all English queries entered into the search engine, it still caused many websites to lose regular visitors and page views that they were receiving on a regular basis. Check out the following tips to Recover From Google Penguin update.

Deoptimize Your Site

First, it is important to “de-optimize” your website by getting rid of various links that are not relevant to the site’s content and by ridding all keywords, basically to “refresh” the website and its coding. Try to keep all of the links on the website relevant to the content within the site itself, rather than linking out to other websites. At least 20 percent of all of the links on any website should be relevant to the content that is available to the site’s visitors.

Monitor Backlinks

It is also important to monitor the types of backlinks that are being added to the website on blog posts and within community message boards or forums as well. Avoid purchasing backlinks as they may be considered as spam by Google, which will automatically drop the website entirely from search engine rankings.

Good Neighbourhoods

Attempt to affiliate with sites that have similar content or with websites and companies who are competitors of the website. This helps to avoid adding spam-filled links and sites which can also cause websites to drop from the Google search engine results. Use a variety of anchor text titles when purchasing links or when becoming affiliates with other sites to help with increasing visibility with different search terms. Remove all of the links currently listed on the site’s “blogroll” and add them again, using another method or format.

Mix up the order of the links if possible for an entirely new indexing when Google crawls the website again. Change the anchor text of the website and the main keywords to make them sound more natural and also to add variety to them, ensuring they do not sound spammy or robotic in nature. This will help to deflect Google and keep them from dropping the website again with another future update.

Social Networking

Add social networking sharing applications and plugins to the website to share links in an organic way and in a natural way that is not considered spam to Google. By offering “share” buttons on all of your content for well-known networks including Google, Facebookk, and Twitter, your users help to grow your website’s URL in search engines simply by spreading content with family and friends. Social networking plugins and applications are free to use and can also be integrated into third-party applications and CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress. These applications can also help to grow your brand’s recognition if used over time and if you have content that is frequently shared on a regular basis with new audiences and new potential consumers.

Move To A New Domain

If it is not helping to “de-optimize” the website and the site is still missing from Google search results, it is also possible to move all of the site’s content to a new domain and if needed, to a new web host as well, depending on how big the website is and the available domain names that are useful and also relevant to the content or services and products that are available from the site as well.

I hope all above tips will surely help you to Recover From Google Penguin update, also you can read more on Google Penguin update here.


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