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2013 is about to end and it’s time for you to embrace the new happiness and new success that’ll come along 2014. If you’re a WordPress site owner then it’s the right time to get indulged into beautifying your site for the Christmas warmth. As an excellent Content Management System, WordPress offers you the flexibility of modifying your site’s theme as and when desired.

WordPress Christmas Themes & Plugins

With Christmas around the corner, you can take full advantage of this feature and decorate your WordPress website using superbly designed WordPress themes for Christmas.

WordPress Christmas Themes & Plugins

Here, I’ll walk you through 10 best WordPress Christmas themes and Plugins that have all the capability of adding that Christmas charm to your website. So, without keeping you waiting anymore, let me introduce you to 10 best WordPress Christmas Themes for 2013.

Theme #1 : Simply Snow


If you love Christmas simply because of the winters and snow then Simply Snow is the theme for you. Installing this WordPress plugin allows you to add a snowing effect on your site. No heavy graphics or animations are added to your website. Hence, the design and speed of your site remains intact.

Just install and activate Simply Snow in your site and watch the gentle snow fall down your site, adding that perfect warmth of Christmas.

Theme #2 : Christmas Countdown Clock


Installing this WordPress theme will keep you posted on the days, hours, minutes and seconds left for the eve of Christmas. You can add this countdown clock to your site using a widget and choose from a range of sizes and background colors.

Theme #3 : Christmas Ball on Branch


If you love adding small elements to your website then this plugin is your best fit. You can install Christmas Ball on Branch plugin to add a small Christmas branch with a ball towards the top right-hand corner of your site. This Christmas ball will provide that perfect Christmas environment to all your visitors.

Theme #4 : Xmas Lights


If you’re a WordPress site owner who loves lights and colors then Xmas Lights is the theme for you. Installing this theme to your site adds a string of colorful Christmas lights to your web pages, welcoming your visitors with the right Christmas mood. The festive touch of this WordPress theme makes it a perfect choice for Christmas.

Theme #5 : Holiday Message

This is yet another WordPress theme that allows you to wish your visitors a “Happy Holiday” via a cute pop-up message. With few days remaining for Christmas, this plugin allows you to wish happy Christmas vacations to all your visitors.

You get the flexibility of displaying the message in the centre, full-width along the bottom or towards the left/right bottom of the web pages. In addition to this, you can customize the look of your web pages by choosing from a range of Christmas images.

Theme #6 : WP Christmas Class

WP Christmas Class

Installing this WordPress theme allows you to add a custom CSS class to your body tag during a set date range. You can use this modified CSS to customize the look and feel of your site during the ongoing Christmas holidays. In addition to this, the theme also comes with an option for making the date range automatically update for the year ahead.

Theme #7 : Xmas Snow

Installing this WordPress theme adds snow effect to your website. This snow is in the form of snowflakes, making your site apt for the Christmas season. Easy configuration allows you to install Xmas Snow without the need for any technical assistance. You can get your site up and running within no time.

Theme #8 : Victorian Xmas

This WordPress Christmas theme is suited for websites targeting the female population. With a fruity and flowered border on the left and right side of the web page, this WordPress theme gives a feminine touch to your website. Installing this WordPress theme allows you to wish your female visitors a “Merry Christmas”, thereby adding to the festive mood.

Theme #9: Kiddo


Kids enjoy Christmas the most. So, if your website targets the kiddos then Kiddo is the WordPress theme your site ought to have. The flexibility of choosing from over six Christmas skins allows you to have a different Christmas look for your website each week prior to the Christmas Day.

Theme #10 : Christmas Days


A stylish Christmas theme, Christmas Days has a sky blue background adding a touch of Christmas to your WordPress website. If you’re looking for a great Christmas theme with minimal effects then Christmas Days can be your best bet.


Hey, there! So, these were the ten best WordPress Christmas Themes and Plugins that will help you customize your WordPress site as per the Christmas mood. So, go ahead and choose the one that’s closer to your heart and will probably become closer to your visitor’s heart too.

Please don’t forget to drop in your opinions/feedback and/or suggestions in the comments section below.


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