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Pace of technological development today is impressive and everyone has unlimited access to the internet and PC proficient. All personal and business information in most cases is stored on various devices and skilled hacker easily can get to these files.  Today, we all dreaming about  safe and fast Internet browsing, online protection and anonymity, but, at the same time, want to save money, therefore, we tend to choose the cheapest or even free VPN provider to take care of our online environment.


Nowadays, it is hard to choose reliable provider as market offers great number of VPN services that provide attractive features and ensure safe and unrestricted online activity from any corner of the planet. One of the most popular services today is VyprVPN provider. It is possible to find numerous positive vyprvpn reviews to make a conscious choice when choosing a service.

Online reviews are popular source of unbiased information that many find helpful in making a decision. Without any doubts paid services offer access to blocked websites, no logs policy, impressive speed, huge amount of servers and many more. Customer-friendly pricing policy makes them rather affordable.

Those, who are interested in finding reliable free service should know the difference from paid ones and pay attention to the following features that distinguish them. Paid VPN services have much higher level of protection against malware, hackers, snoopers along with high speed, possibility to change IP address and switch servers at any time,  absence of annoying ads at most unexpected time and protection against cyber bullying. With paid provider your physical location and online activity will be kept in secret.

Free services provide no data encryption that leaves your traffic exposed; username, passwords, bank details and other sensible and financial information are at great risk of being hacked by online intruders.  In addition, annoying ads are constantly appearing on your screen and distracting. All these flaws are rather crucial and may affect your online activity in a negative way.

VYprVPN service and its features

One of the most well-known providers on the market today is VyprVPN. This provider is a part of a Golden Frog VPN software that is known as a provider with great reputation and offers rock-solid protection from hackers, censorship programs, and curious people around. Any user  from any part of the world, without any restrictions can use Internet and enjoy streaming media and various geo-blocked websites.

VyprVPN promises strong and fast connection thanks to the impressive  amount of servers located in the various part of the world:  over  50 server locations across 5 continents counts more than 700 servers and more than 200 000 global IPs to switch as often as possible. The provider is still growing and among countries that received servers recently is Cairo, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Kiev, Macau, Male.

VyprVPN provides protection for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, routers, Linux and Smart TV  and offers attractive options for business – it is possible sending emails, sharing files, chatting and maintain an equally safe connection for every staff member.


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