3 Best Photo Editing Software for Bloggers

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Photo editing software can be complicated or too finicky for some, while others are simply searching for a nice but free product. Writing content that is pertinent and attracts readers to your blog is one of the most important roles of a writer. However, there are other areas, such as photos, where you might need some help. 

Finding photo software to add to the writing element of a blog is a necessity if you are looking to add something extra into your posts, creating a multimedia experience for your followers.

3 Best Photo Editing Software

Here are three photo editing software brands along with the benefits and downfalls of each to help add something extra to your site’s content.

1. Picasa

Picasa, a photo editing software through Google, is available on the web and has enough photo editing tools to be thorough but not too much to become overcomplicated. Picasa will search through your computer for any photos, and uploads are easy.

The software is savvy enough to make changes, such as fixing red-eye, adding geo-tags or adjusting lighting without throwing a novice under the bus. You can also see the changes you make while editing with the use of slide bars through one button photo editing. Creating albums isn’t difficult either, so making a slideshow for your blog is not a hassle. Picasa is also free. For those wanting solid photo editing software that is very user-friendly at minimal cost, Picasa is an excellent resource.

2. Adobe Photoshop : My Favt. Photo Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop is perhaps the ultimate photo editing software on the market. The positives include plenty of features to transform any image into practically anything you want. However, because of so many options, it is also difficult to learn. Students can usually learn their way around with a design class. If you are out of school, online training is your best bet to fully comprehend the software.

Photoshop also works best when purchased as part of a Creative Suite through Adobe, which comes with other popular programs from the Adobe platform. However, this software is way too confusing for beginners and might be tough to learn for those without experience in photo editing programs. The price will likely break your bank (thousands for a Creative Suite) as well. But for those who are serious about photo editing on their blog and want the very best, Photoshop is just that.


Falling in the middle of the two is GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is more of a hybrid of the aforementioned Photoshop and Picasa. It has much of the same tools as Photoshop, but is also free like Picasa. Bloggers might want to go through a few online tutorials, ask around for others familiar with the service or use trial and error to become more accustomed to it.

Features such as digital retouching, a customizable interface, photo enhancement, hardware support and a variety of file formats among others give GIMP plenty of options to edit photos to your desired look. Though free of charge, this is another software option they may require more experience in order to maximize its potential as a photo editing software.


Of course, bloggers have different needs, so just because one photo editing software has more features doesn’t mean it is the best or most practical option for the blog. A wedding blogger with professional images won’t need anything more than Picasa, as most of the editing and work has already been done by an expert anyway. If you write a travel blog, investing in Photoshop would be a wise choice so that you can take and edit photos where you have traveled to promote different places with exceptional images.

Journalists who write a blog may want to have more than one software. Picasa is great to put up an image of an event quickly, while Photoshop or GIMP could be used to update that photo so that it is of the highest quality. This could be done in similarity with updates of a breaking news story, so that the as images of an event are added, more and more of them will be edited and upgraded.

It is important to pick a photo editing software that fits you and your blog, so photo editing is easy and the images are tailored to your audience.


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