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Online gaming is one of the branches of video game addiction. This problem is becoming more urgent inasmuch as more and more people have access towards computers, tablets and smartphones. Technologies help people improve the quality of their entertainment and free time management.


Programmers create magnificent and amusing video games that attract players with their virtual worlds, scripts and opportunities. Contemporary video games are very spectacular and captive. You can be a driver, a knight, a pirate or assassin fulfilling various tasks and quests. No wonder, many people prefer ‘living’ in this virtual universe than in the ‘grey and gloomy’ real world.

Online gaming is even more gripping whereas a player can interact with other players from different countries. Online video games are associated with the continuous development of your character. For instance, when you play an online role-playing game, you develop your character, improve its skills and purchase various accessories to make it stronger and competitive.

You can unite with other players and kill various creatures together or fight against other players. In simple words, you can live your complete life being a goblin or dwarf making money, killing monsters and increasing your reputation and fame on the server of the chosen game.

This description looks attractive. However, this attraction is addictive, especially for young people. There is hardly an adolescent who does not play online games. Of course, there are different types of video games that differ according to their ‘danger’. Some online games are not quite addictive. For example, numerous Facebook games and other minor games do not attract much attention.

One can play for an hour or two and he will be bored. On the contrary, such MMORPG games as World of Warcraft are extremely addictive forasmuch a player lives in the virtual world and develops his character 24/7. He works, fights, trains, gains experience and makes money for various valuable items. A player lives in this world forgetting about his real life. When a person worries about his in-game achievements, it is addiction.

Millions of players spend more than 10 hours daily to kill bosses and gain their desired ‘unique’ items and ‘artifacts’ that can improve the power of their characters. Consequently, a player wastes much time on video games ignoring education, private life and work.

According to the American Psychiatric Association online gaming causes harm to human psychics. The foremost problem is social isolation. When a gamer prefers the virtual world to the real environment, he loses the chance of communication. The gamer loses his close friends, because he prefers killing monsters to hanging out with friends. As a result, he stays alone all the time and his communication is limited to chatting with other players who share the same interests.

Social isolations leads to the problems at the workplace and school. Such addicts forget how to speak with other people about common problems and everyday situations. Many players who spend weeks in front of their computers feel detached from the human society. When they go out after the long game session, it takes time for them to realize that they are in the real world but not in the virtual environment. Their mind requires time to adapt to the surrounding people.

Then, constant online gaming can influence one’s behavior and mood. When the player cannot accomplish a quest or mission in a game, he becomes irritated and frustrated. This person lives in constant stress. There are cases of depression and rapid mood change. Players have problems with their parents, girlfriends and friends. They treat the surrounding people as the obstacles, which interfere into the process of gaming.

What is more, they react fiercely to moralizing from the side of their parents. Sad to say but online gaming addiction causes harm to the player’s imagination and intellectual activity. When one is focused on fighting or driving, it is difficult to think about something else, especially education. It is difficult to learn poems by heart and solve various logical tests.

Online gaming addiction causes numerous physical problems. To begin with, players spoil their eyesight, have frequent headaches and back pain inasmuch as they spend long hours in the same sitting position. Furthermore, there are digestion problems and obesity because of stress and unregulated food consumption.

Many addicts play at night; therefore, they have sleep problems. They are sleepy in daytime and active at night. This lifestyle is harmful for the human body.

Online gaming addiction is a relevant problem nowadays, because millions of teenagers spend at least 7 hours in front of their computers every day. Online gaming causes harm to human psychics and physical health. Parents and teachers should pay attention to their children who have the symptoms of gaming addiction to defeat this problem successfully.

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