Secret Weapons: Using Consultants to Build Your Business

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Having the right knowledge will always play a vital part in taking your business to the next level. Perhaps you have a great idea but need some help and support to see if the gamble is worth it. In this situation, a well-chosen consultant brings expertise and experience into your business to manage strategies, projects or help you achieve specific goals.


Know what you need

There are many different types of consultant available to business owners. Some common choices are strategy consultants if you feel your business needs a lift, procurement consultants that can manage relationships with suppliers to get you a better deal, or marketing consultants to breathe new life into your advertising.

These professionals often come with significant experience in the workplace and great qualifications. They will offer high-level advice and strategy to give you new ideas and recommendations, but remember there are also consultants working on more practical levels, such as graphic design or IT, that can drop in to deliver a specific project quickly and effectively.

This can be particularly helpful in filling gaps as you try to recruit new employees, or when an employee is on leave.

Get your consultancy agreement right

One of the key reasons a consultant can be a good business choice is the short term nature of their work. However, you will still need to have agreed terms and conditions for their role in your business. A good consultancy agreement will agree on fees, deadlines, working arrangements and how they will deliver the products or projects they have been hired for.

It’s impossible to over-emphasise quite how important this is – it will protect you, and your business, while helping you get the best from this knowledgeable addition to your team. If you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge yourself, you could always get a template from an online law firm, as an example check out Lawbite’s consultancy agreements.

Make your consultant hire a success

Finding the right personality fit will be important in making a consultancy period work. The person you bring in will have a short period of time to make an impression, so choose someone that not only has the relevant skills, but who you feel you and your team can get along with.

Consultancy can be a long term arrangement, with experienced professionals often open to pitching new projects once their initial period of hire is completed. This flexible way of managing workloads is a great way to drive dynamism into your business, but remember to review your consultancy agreement each time to get the best from your investment.


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