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This tutorial is for the Symbian mobile users who are having a problem of their phones as sometimes Nokia phones gets too slow speed on their Symbian OS. This trick is really effective as I myself have tried this on my mobile, and believe me it will really work on any Symbian mobile.

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This trick will make your S60 mobile phone faster, this trick is so crazy that you won’t believe it until you tested it.   So let’s start with the tutorial: Its a secret tip.

Follow this simple steps :

  • First change ur phone date to 03/04/2005.
  • Go to Menu -> Office -> To-do List.
  • Make a new to do note with following data :
    Subject : Speed
    Due date : 04/08/2005
    Priority : High
    Press Done, but don’t Exit.
  • Now make another note with :
    Subject : Qoukie
    Due date : 04/08/2005
    Priority : Low.
  • Press Done & Exit to Stand-By screen.
  • Now go back again to To-do List.
  • Then press “options” & “mark as done” ( Do this to the notes in the order above )
  • Exit & update the phone date.

That’s it, try  above steps and share your feedback with us. You can also speed up your Nokia phones with Symbian OS by removing unnecessary applications. Sometimes we just install mobile apps for testing, and later leave them on the phone unused. Periodical checking should be done to remove these unnecessary apps on Nokia phones.

Speed of any mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy S3 or Nokia phones depends on the processor and the installed phone memory.  These tips would additionally help them to maintain or manage existing memory performance and speed.


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