Why You Should Stop Using Text Messages Right Now

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Text messages have been an important mode of communication and even after the popularity of messenger apps has grown text messages are still used as communication, especially when the communication and content is more formal and business related. But you have to be alert while texting from your phones because it has become really easy for anyone to spy on your phone and track the SMSs which you send from your phones.

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All that a person needs to do is install a spying app or security app on your phone and they can track each and every text message. Hence, if you are sharing private,secret or important content on text messages, consider stopping using text messages right now and switch to safer alternatives.

There are many sms tracker apps which are available for free as well as charge subscription fees. MSpy is one of the most used apps for tracking SMS and also for spying the smart phone completely. Hence, make sure that mSpy is not installed in your phone and even if you fear that your smart phone can be spied by someone, it is advisable so stop using text messages as a medium of communication. This is because spying can leak out all the content on your phone and spoil your privacy totally.

mSpy is an app which can be effectively used for tracking SMS as it has got the features which are given below. Hence, be careful while handing over your phone to anyone as they can install mSpy on your phone and track all the SMS activities and if you feel that information from your text message content is being leaked, it is advisable to stop using text SMS medium for communicating.

Though it is illegal to spy on anyone’s phone without the phone user’s consent do sobut if you still need to  installing this app on the target phone is very easy. There are different laws against virtual spying depending on the country but still, you should be careful of such apps. Read the features of mSpy below:

Spy on hidden mode

When mSpy is installed on a target phone, the user of the phone never gets to know that his text messages are being tracked. The person who is spying gets all the information on his control panel directly but the user stays totally unaware about this.

Viewing all the message content

The person who is spying on your phone can view all the content of the text messages as well as the messages received on the phone. This way, the details of the recipient and the details about each and every conversation reach the person who is spying.

Time and date

Along with the content of the messages, the person who is spying can also view the exact date and time of the SMS which has been sent and hence, no text message thread can be kept secret once mSpy is installed on your phone.

Quick installation on target phone

The person who wants to spy would literally require an access to the target phone only for 15 minutes for installing the security app and after that, all your SMS and other application as well as online and offline activities can be viewed by them. In short, they can view each and every single activity which you conduct from your phone.


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