5 Best Tools to Record Google+ Hangout Videos

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Google+ Hangout is the free video chatting platform where we can do hang out with Single person or in groups. We might sometimes feel like to record the hangouts to save and watch it later, But there is no such an option in Google+ and there is no official software to record Google+ Hangout. So here is the best solution are screen record software.


Although, Google+ Hangouts are easy to use “On Air”, but there are some obstacles like configuration issues and privacy concerns.

For this type of problems, there are some screen record software tools. which can record your hangout videos as easy as possible by just clicking start and stop buttons with input audio. Here is the list of the 5 Best Tools to Record Google+ Hangout Videos.


Camtasia is the best video tool for recording Google+ hangout. This will facilitate you to edit and publish your video directly to the YouTube channels or you can save it in AVI format.


This tool helps you to put down the two different channels by recording your computer audio and input device audio which makes the thing lot easier. Now with the latest version of Camtasia, you can record the Google+ hangout videos easily.

This will helps you to record the videos and edit them smoothly. Trial-version of Camtasia is available for 90 days and later on you can extend it for using constantly.

Download Camtasia


Another tool for recording Google+ hangouts is Screen2exe. This software creates the recorded video in exe file, by that user can utilize the saved file on any data processor.

This tool also facilitates you to edit the video with editing options like image inserting, audio, frames, texts, annotations and much more. Screen2exe is really comfortable to understand and the best tool for recording Google+ Hangout Videos.

Download Screen2exe


ScreenCastle is also the best tool for the recording of Goolge+ hangouts videos. It has the elementary operation of recording the video by just clicking the start button for recording and stop button when you want to stop recording.


It will preserve the recorded file in any Formats like FLV and others. It should be set up with new version of JAVA for easy operation. It needs just 5 minutes to install the setup, but after installing, it is comfortable to manage.

Download ScreenCastle


Screenr will come to the list because of easy sharing videos. It will record the Google+ Hangout videos with good definition of audio and video.


The only drawback of the Screenr is recording the video for 5 minutes only. After taping the video, Hangout videos are easy to share on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on with the Colossal social media integration as a back end tool.

Download Screenr


FlashBack Express is the free software from Blueberry for the recording of the Google+ Hangouts videos. This tool comprises of two parts, recording and playing. Recording helps the Hangout video to record and customize the screen with many options.


The best function of this tool is there is no time limit for recording the video. It will likewise help, the videos to share directly to the social networking sites.

Download FlashBack


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