Top 10 Best Chromecast Apps for Android

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The Chromecast from the house of Google is no new name. It impeccably made an invincible place in today’s time. We aren’t just talking about the unmatched participation of it in most home theater setups, but we’ll also be talking about little more than BBC iPlayer and old YouTube videos.


More and more apps have been developed to make the user experience better. It includes TV, music, film and audio apps that came in recent time.

Let us have a look at each of them with this recently researched list of top 10 best chromecast apps for Android:

1. Angry Birds, Friends-big-screen Angry Birds

Sorry for being partial, but first one here in my list is the famous Angry Birds game. Android users can relish the gaming experience in a better way by updating their recent Angry Birds Friends.

With this you’ll be able to rumble with the game on your mega screen with entire control in your hand; this includes your smartphone and tablets both. Sounds undoubtedly exciting, am I right?

2. Megacast-Chromecast Video

Though not strictly a Chromecast app, but once downloaded on your smartphone, the app allows you to play media files on your Chromecast device through your smartphone or tablet. Not only this further enhancing the user experience, the application is designed to automatically pre-load subtitles (you can add them manually also) and thus making the video streaming more flexible.

3. Sainsbury’s-on-demand Movies and TV streaming

At a price cheaper than the Blinkbox and Amazon instant video, this application from the house of Sainsbury brings for you some big releases at your doorstep. So now when you plan to enchant some movies or it is about television rental, give this marvelous application a try.

You can also purchase content instead of renting it and thus keep your favorites list intact with no hustle to pay rent every time you wish to watch your favorite movie. I assure it won’t give you a poor experience.

4. AllCast

Proving its compatibility with Apple TV, Roku and other game consoles, the AllCast application allows you to stream your locally stored content on your TV. All you need to have with this app is a little stuff on your device such as movies or photos and the arena is all yours.

5. BubbleUPnP

This is another out-of-world application, giving you simply amazing experience. Standing in its name, the application will literally provide you ‘a floating experience’ a through your house. The BubbleUPnP application also provides support for cloud storage sites accompanied with few more features. Before going for the paid version you can relish the experience by using a free version.

6. Crunchyroll

This is indeed a name in the list of the premiere anime streaming apps around. Featuring numerous titles this has everything to make your day. In fact a few of its titles get updated soon after an hour of their telecast. The Crunchyroll application has both free version and a subscription based version.

The only difference is that with the former you’ll get few advertisements while the latter provides you add-free version. So if watching advertisements aren’t a concern for you, you have a free version of this application.

7. Google Play Movies and TV

This Google application allows you to manage the movies and TV shows, that you either rented or purchased from Google Play. The application is considered to be one of the most positive video streaming experience providers on Chromecast. The only fall that you might consider is that the application has to be purchased on Google Play ecosystems.

8. Google Play Music

Coming from the house of Google app. Google play music application provides you the access to manage the movies and TV shows that you may have purchased on Google Play. Would just like to notify that the Chromecast support is present with which you can watch your movies and shows on TV.

9. Hulu Plus

This one is another application joining the movie and TV streaming league accompanied by Chromecast support. With a massive library of TV shows and movies, this application Hulu plus is among those which allow you to watch currently running TV shows. Boasting a good library of old and new movies, its command over the live streaming makes it an unmatched option.

10. Big Web Quiz

After presenting the entire queue of movies and TV shows, applications, here I’m back to where we started; a gaming app. The Big Web Quiz supports both Android and iOS and yes with Chromecast. It plugs into Google’s Knowledge Graph generating questions.

Multiple users can connect at the same time through Chromecast from their device and enhance the gaming experience. So next time if you have to play something with your family, try this application.

Here I would like to end up my list of Top 10 best Chromecast apps for Android. I hope listed the best ones out of the ‘almost-all-great’ applications.


Sonal Maheshwari

Article by Sonal

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