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Music in black and red – that is what HTC Sensation XE in designed for. It made its appearance in Taiwan equipped with that unbelievable Beats brand of Jimmy Lovine. That takes the story of the original HTC Sensation limited edition, HTC Vigor and HTC Runnymede one step ahead. Fortunately, the company didn’t think of a complete overhaul.

The newly fielded product is an upgrade of its predecessor Sensation. Why, just look at the chassis, design and that screen. The only departure one finds is in those Android buttons which have a red glow now instead of white of the previous Sensation.


Do not they tell a story of keeping a popular model alive while making good advances too…? Sensation XE is more an investment in studio-quality big sound and lovely natural bass. And the mean music system is meant more for Europe, the Middle- East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, not exactly the U.S. market.

Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing at HTC, came properly equipped with the basics of his target market at the launch of Sensation XE. He rightly thought that this market longs to be placed at the center of its own mobile world. Therefore more power and technical maturity, he said, has been added in this refreshed edition of Sensation, the popular.

HTC Sensation XE : Specifications ::

Its specifications could bring anything to its knees – a dual-core processor of 1.5-GHz, Android-2.3 Gingerbread, 4.3-inch qHD touchscreen display, long living 1730 mAh battery and an 8GB or 16GB microSD compatibility card goes with it. Indeed the new Sensation XE carries Mackenzie’s conviction with it that sound quality is indeed the snatching thing in this mobile world.

So, HTC, this time around, decidedly offered the very best sonic equalization in their smart phone, technology could so far deliver on this front – not improved voice but music, movies and games. One can’t but verbally ‘wow’ that.

Now, HTC has actually been very meticulous in its Beats integration. It supplies a pair of its own pair of Dr. Dre headphones. The user doesn’t miss on that line-in remote or microSD card. They can right away plug their headphones into Sensation XE. The phone automatically gets molded with the Beats audio profile.

The headphones go on to weave that Beats magic for the listeners. The listener, however, is in control of the thing. The in-volume plus playback controls give him enough power to leverage everything about music. Still, do not ask the full break up of that XE in its name just yet – that could indicate an Edge; a Beats brand edge perhaps…!

As for the HTC Sensation XE price, Clove UK has just hinted at it. They expect to have the phone October 7 and tack it Pound 492/Euro 589 inclusive of VAT. Seems a little pricey…! Just consider these connectivity features Sensation XE sports – a microUSB 2.0 port with MHL, EDGE and all those goodies are pre-set.

The dual-core processor, at 1.5GHz, makes the Sensation XE faster than the current version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Added to that is an 8 mp camera, while its rear panel houses the phone’s 1,080 HD video recording facility. Then, a larger life capacity of its battery gives an extra 25 minutes of talk time over others. And…yes, you heard it right…a VGA FF snapper on the front makes the pack complete.

What else does a customer nowadays looks for when shop hopping for latest devices? The browsing needs…? OK, Sensation XE takes care of that too. It covers a large spectrum. Add that 768MB RAM that boosts the phone’s performance and the picture is complete.

HTC Sensation XE Price In India :

The HTC Sensation XE Smartphone’s launch date and Price in India is yet to be revealed.

Still feeling weaved in that price concern about HTC Sensation XE ? So, enjoying music unlimited and also staying connected with the world is allowed now.


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