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In this capricious world is full of nefarious cyber users who can at any time attack your WP website. Thus, in order to make sure the safety of your website or blog backup becomes an indispensable tool for every website owner or blogger.


It is not mandatory for a blogger to be tech savvy in order to start with their blog. Thus, in this blog we will discuss both the methods which are manual as well as automatic to backup your WordPress website or blog.

Manual Backups Can Be Great Contingency Plan

There are many people who might think them as a way to overburden their WordPress website with another plugin for backup. Thus, they prefer manual backup of their website. This is also necessary as this can give them the right to control what to access and what not to. However, there are plugins which can help you to keep manual control of what to back-up and what not.

It is good to know the manual process of creating a Backup manually as a contingency plan. Thus, now we will discuss on how to create a backup of WordPress Database via MySQL and also using the cPanel .

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your phpMyAdmin dashboard and select the Database of your WP site.
  2. After selecting the Database, click on the tab called “Export”.
  3. Select a compression method , and click on the button which says Execute.
  4. A message asking you to Download a file will be displayed on the screen. Then click Yes and the backup of your Database will be made after it.

cPanel Backup Method

The very first step is to login to your cPanel and there you will get an option for “Backups” and you need t click on it. Then you need to scroll the page and find the option which says ‘Download a MySQL Database Backup’. Now you need to select the database which needs to be saved in order to take the backup.

How to check your plugin before relying on it?

This is also a good idea to check whether your solution for backup functioning properly or not. It is certainly recommended to take a manual backup of your website and also compare it with a backup taken by an automated plugin for it. Then check whether they match or not. This will help you to check whether the plugin you are using is worth relying or not.


BackupBuddy is developed by iThemes and this backup plugin is designed to render a comprehensive solution for creating backup for web site owners powered by WordPress.

Using this plugin you can create backup of numerous sources and not only your hard drive which also comprises of Amazon Web Services, Stash, Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace and email.

This plugin enables you to take quick and easy backups using the push button solutions. All you need to do is to specify the location where you need to store your backup and at what frequency you wish that the plugin take your backup.


For those who are looking for free back plugins can opt for UpdraftPlus which is also a very good option.

This is a very simple plugin which offers you straightforward features and do not use features which are unnecessary.

It also supports backups to Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, FTP, Rackspace, and email and it also works perfectly well with OpenStack, Google Drive, and numerous other solutions which helps for storage.


BackUpWordPress is a very well known WordPress backup plugin that offers automatic back up feature of your WordPress site. It also comprises of the scheduling feature so that you can create a different schedule for your files and your database. It comes with an added advantage of easy installation and set up features.

But for those who wish to store their backup at any other place accept your mail or your hard disk, then you will need to buy an extension for that. BackUpWordPress has numerous extensions which help the users to individually store their data of cloud which includes Dropbox and Google Drive.

Apart from that you can purchase the bundle and secure your website before hand, as now you know that you have the capability to secure your website at any point of time.


This is a site migration plugin, but one can make use of Duplicator as a solution for backup also. Moreover, this plugin needs you to posses some technical knowledge as it do not offer any straight forward feature at all.

Duplicator has very simple options for backup and it does not give you automatic features or settings to preplan your backups , which is a major drawback of this plugin. Though it is a good option for those you wish to migrate their WordPress website and also take backup of their website.


For those who are in dire need of protecting their WordPress database, can go for WP-DB-Backup which is a perfect plugin for you. It is free for those who are starting with the plugin. Talking about is market demand, we can say that it is in demand as it has around two million downloads since its launch .

For those who do not need to regularly update their website or their blogs do not have images this plugin is a very useful one. It offers you to schedule a backup of your database, manually backup your database and restore their backups for those who do not have a hang of phpMyAdmin.


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