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I recently purchased a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) at minimal cost from Host1Plus compared to the current market. To be honest, I’m really impressed and thrilled with their service.

Host1Plus review

As a programmer who basically is aware of handling the web server with ease, it took a small time frame to setup a new LEMP stack and also to transfer one of my web projects over it.

If you have only utilized shared hosting till now then the Virtual Private Server (VPS) may seem a new and complicated service to you.

The VPS supplies liberty and power to utilize a server as per your convenience. In fact you get the access to almost everything, the server is granted from the root, the choice of operating system and other things. Most of the things are managed from the control panels such as plesk and cPanel or from the command line.

In this post, my goal is to display all of the amazing features that come with Host1Plus VPS hosting service and why you need to think about them while planning to select a VPS solution.


Running an e-commerce store, a large blog site, or a custom made app that will require a great amount of Database I/O procedures you need a good Hard Disk Drive and an SSD.

As your website or blog starts to grow in terms of traffic and popularity, hard disk drives will begin getting an increasing number of concurrent I/O requests. During the time of peak views, the quantity of I/O requests can decrease the speed of recall of information from the database.

Host1Plus VPS hard drive is based on the process of caching the most desired files (for example most regularly checked out files, OS files) by employing SSD drives. The primary data, which are not generally used, will be located in Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This makes the most frequently used data load a lot faster.


Global Data Centers

Their Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting data centers are located in ideal parts of the world namely: United States (Chicago, Los Angeles), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Germany (Frankfurt), and South African continent (Johannesburg).

While picking a place for your data center, you should look at the proximity of your target market with the specific data center location, as the distance between the server and the end user impacts your website running speed and reduces it down.

As a result, I finished up picking a server place nearby to Chicago, USA since my target customers associated with the offered products on my website will be from Chicago and Illinois.

cPanel and WHMCS Licenses Available as add-ons

To the people who are not so tech savvy, you can buy and install cPanel or even WHMCS (GUIs for managing servers) within a few mouse clicks from the add-ons web page.

Variety of Operating System Choices

You will discover a 3 variety of operating systems from which you have a chance to choose from. Want Ubuntu, Debian, fedora, Open SUSE, or centOS? Host1Plus has all the available options for you.

DDos Protection (Staminus)

Staminus is an industry-leading DDoS minimization and secured hosting services technology.

After you buy a Host1Plus VPS, you avail staminus server protection along with it.


The prices are very affordable and cheap compared to the other service providers having costs starting from $2.5 to $45 per month. The price depends on the server location along with the resources of the VPS you are selecting. You can check out the packages on the pricing page.

Best Customer Support

24/7 tech support team is ready to resolve all the queries of the users in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Lithuanian languages.


In case you are looking for a great VPS hosting or maybe planning to use it in the near future, be sure you take Host1Plus into consideration.

Don’t just believe on my soul opinion, consider Host1Plus VPS for a test and you will be happy with your decision of selecting them.


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