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E-commerce has emerged as vast platform for traders, merchants, shopkeepers, corporate and many others; it is constantly supplying all the needs required for establishing a successful business online since past few years, in retail industry.


With its outstanding features like: – all under one virtual roof (easy for shoppers to locate their desired product), low budget investment, publicity and marketing, flexibility real estate (no need of having a particular office), advanced security features etc. it has gained more n more popularity as well as trust of people. Weekly almost 20,000 e-commerce websites start, according to an estimate.

Developing an e-commerce website is much quicker and easier than establishing a real life business. In this article, we will explore some simple steps regarding the creation of website on your own using some easy and user-friendly tools. In addition, we will guide you about proper host provider, solutions regarding payment & transactions, selecting proper shopping cart and last but not the least choosing an appropriate security.

How will you design your website?

Once you are clear about the type of your business and the target area you can start with the designing of your website.

  • If you are keen with programming languages like MYSQL, PHP, JAVA, and HTML and so on then you can start designing your website from scratch. If your website is small then you can go for HTML/CSS. On the other hand if your website will undergo frequent changes than you should use Content Management System (CMS) like jhoomla or drupal. Make sure that whichever tool you use must support all the functionalities of your website.

  • If you are unaware about the technical languages than purchasing the software, like: Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web are the alternatives for you.

  • If you are running out of budget then you can go for open source software like-KompoZer and Blue Griffon. However, sometimes in comparison of paid software, they may not include all the required features.

Main elements that web-building software must have are:-user-friendly interface and What You See Is What You Get (WSIWYG) editor, for those who are not familiar with HTML. WYSIWYG HTML editor allows you to dynamically design the website through simple drag and drop; it automatically generates HTML code for you. Also select appropriate database software according to your website need.

Which host will serve you the best?

After the completion of designing of your website comes the step of selecting a proper host provider.

Main issues to be kept in mind while choosing a host provider are: –

  • cost (beware of providers offering in cheap prices but skimping in technical support and such other services),
  • should provide compatibility in all languages,
  • security services such as firewalls and virus detection,
  • confirmation of uptime given by host,
  • Should be available when you need help.

How to choose suitable payment option?

Third step in website building is selecting convenient payment method. Payment method can be divided into two categories:-a payment processor, a payment gateway. PayPal Website Payments Standard and Google Checkout are the payment processors, which allow the customer to checkout page which is hosted by processing company. While payment gateways like Authorize.net, integrates directly with your shopping. So the transaction will be totally invisible to customers.

Pros and cons of Payment Processor:-

  • Easy for some website owners, as they directly have to integrate with the backend itself.
  • No need to worry about security of transactions.
  • Takes care of those customers who are not visiting the site during checkout.
  • Secured transactions with SSL certificates
  • User friendly and professional
  • Requires a deep technical knowledge

How to get a shopping cart for your website?

Shopping cart is a kind of e-commerce software, which allows customers to select products while purchasing from an online website.

  • It sometimes contains taxes as well as shipment charges within.

  • Main point you need to take care while choosing your shopping cart is that; it should be compatible with web hosting provider and that it offers required payment shipping options.

  • Numbers of open source carts are available with active communities like osCommerce and Zen Cart, as well as GeoTrust Partner solutions like 3dcart.com.

  • You can create your own shopping cart with the help of softwares like Dreamweaver or you can also program it from scratch using PHP, MySQL, and other web programs and languages.

How will you secure your website?

It is very important for any eCommerce website to secure their transactions with SSL certificates. Research says that, majority of customers avoid buying from website which is not secured by SSL.

You need to understand your requirements first as there are number of SSL certificate available in market. Consult your CTO or technical service provider and choose best SSL certificate for your website. We recommend going for EV (extended validation) SSL certificate by authorized resellers as you can save big amount on same SSL certificate.

All set to go with your website…

E-commerce has its own benefits like geographically wide coverage, huge crowd, on the spot publicity, less investment and so on. It is now becoming popular as well as essential for any entrepreneur to have an e-commerce websites in order to expand its arms.  At the same time it has some critical issues such as loss of sensitive data, tampering of data while transmission, hijacking of the website, pitfalls in coding etc. So security becomes the most important factor which is to be taken care of.

You should be aware regarding the ongoing threats in the network and keep your security level up to date to avoid any major loss caused.

From designing until securing, all the steps are vital in developing an e-commerce website hence; each step should be given equal attention towards, while developing.

Hope that this article will help you with your concerns regarding the creation of a website.

So go ahead, get started with a business online, with a stylishly designed website, become a brand and rule over the network. All the best!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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