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As the Champions League is under way again for a new campaign, European football fans across the planet are eagerly looking forward to watch their favorite teams in action. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a die-hard follower who travels to see your club play all over Europe, a regular visitor to your team’s at-home matches, or an armchair fan, these apps will help you stay totally up to date with the latest news from the Champions league.

Champions League Apps

Plus, remember Solskjaer’s game-winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final? Zidane’s goal in 2002? Messi’s superb performance in 2011? It’s these moments that are what we remember, and we’ve made sure to pick out a few apps that will help ensure you don’t miss any of them this year.

1. The UEFA Official App (free)

The Official UEFA app is the best place to start in following European football, and it’s free for both Android and Apple. Not only will this App let you follow Champions League matches, it will also track the European under-21s Championship and the Europa League. If you’re a European football lover, this app is a must-grab.

What will this app get you exactly? The list is a long one: match video highlights, live results, alerts for your favourite teams’ matches, news, standings, previews, reviews, as well as photos and much more.

Just as we like the best European football tickets available here, the UEFA app is our recommendation as the best place to start for anything you’d like to know when it comes to European football.

2. The Champions League Team App (free)

Genero Communications’ unofficial take on the Champions League, this app is a little more irreverent and fun than the UEFA’s official app. Of course it gives you live scores from every team in the league and news from every club taking part in the competition, but it also has some fun sounds and makes social media comments from your team easily accessible from inside the app. (Official cub Tweets in particular.)

Since the app also has links to the unofficial blogs and club sites, it’s easy to go beyond the basic confines of what the app offers and follow the online chat regarding your club. This app is free, and works on both iPad and iPhone.

3. Eurosport (free)

It may not be exclusively devoted to the Champions League, but Eurosport offers analysis and coverage second to none, so we’re including it. With more than 100 features and stories delivered on a daily basis, Eurosport lets you keep track of a variety of sports: there’s a very comprehensive results database for each sport, as well as real-time scores.

When it comes to the Champions League in particular, Eurosport’s app delivers news as well as any app. It has live text commentaries on each and every Champions League game, and plenty of content if you’d like to dig into the analysis.

There are web chats with journalists, players, and pundits, as well as some expert analysis from two of the top managers — Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger.

4. Ringer Studio Champions League: True Passion, Big Business ($4.99)

If you want more fun and interactivity, this Champions League app is what you’re looking for. It lets you build your own fantasy team, explore famous goals in 3D, view some absolutely stunning 360 degree panoramic photos of stadiums, and much more.

The video content features exclusive interviews from the best (and best-liked) characters and pundits in the game, plus documentary segments on all of Europe top’s teams: Barcelona, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and more. With so much interactive and exclusive content, this is an app you’ll never get tired of.


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