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Project Management is one of the most complicated tasks in any organization. And a project manager plays the most crucial role in any project by leading it to success and overseeing a team’s progress. He does everything from assigning work, making conference calls, sending emails and texts, and making phone calls to attending all sorts of meetings. However, a project manager can simplify his work by using Wrike, a free Android app.

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Wrike is one of the best project management tools for Android users. It enables them to create, edit, schedule and discuss tasks on the go. The user can easily adjust and modify project schedules with just a few taps on an interactive Gantt chart.

It also offers push notifications that provide updates regarding the project to all the team members who are a part of the project. The user can attach files from their mobile phones, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and can even take pictures directly from app allowing you to add them to the task.

Wrike is a leading online project management software. It offers a unique platform for teams to collaborate in real time on numerous projects within a single workspace. This online service allows the user to handle even the most complex projects in a usable and clean space.


Its collaboration features allow thousands of companies all over the world to make a significant gain in their productivity. The latest Android application is available completely free for Wrike users.

Features of Wrike

Here are some of the notable features of this collaborative software:

Provide Real- Time Updates

Wrike gives users streaming activity feeds that are similar to Facebook news feeds in terms of functionality and look. Activity feeds show tasks that are assigned to different users or which are created by them.

It also enables users to filter their feeds in order to remove irrelevant tasks. They can even comment on particular items within their feeds to share their perspective.

Visualize Plans with Vibrant Gantt Charts

Lively Gantt charts enable the user to visualize projects and plans on an interactive timeline. This project management tool converts schedules into interactive Gantt charts automatically.

The user can adjust dependencies as tasks are rescheduled and new targets are added to make sure that the deadlines are met. Whenever any modifications are made to the Gantt chart, notifications are automatically sent to the team.

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Sharing Important Files with Colleagues

The process of distributing files through email is typically prone to error. Wrike enables the users to upload their files to the cloud instead of relying on email attachments.

The files are interconnected to individual tasks and can be edited online without even needing to download them first. This ensures that the updated version of the existing file is accessible by all project team members.

Get an Overview of Existing Workload on the Team

By using the workload management feature, users can create useful charts in order to monitor and balance the existing workload of the team. They can even modify schedules or task allocation when needed. The workload management feature enables the user to efficiently utilize resources that are in flux and thereby lead a team to success.

Wrike’s Integration

Wrike is an ideal web based project management software that can be integrated with any other app via its API. Some of its main integrations are Apple Mail, Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Project, Dropbox, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Box, GitHub, Evernote, IBM connections, and many more.

Final Words

Wrike, a project management android app, is ideal for providing updates to busy teams in real- time. The user can collaborate on documents by making use of file sharing tools. You can manage scheduling and incorporate dynamic Gantt charts into your projects.

Wrike is a useful application for all types of organizations. Moreover, it is an easy to use and convenient app that can be easily accessed on your Android smartphones.


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