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iMazing is a file manager for iPad, iPod or iPhone that enables the user to easily transfer files between a device and a computer, PC or Mac via high speed Wi-Fi connection or a USB cable.

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It comprises of a two way easy to use music manager that doesn’t require previous pairing or synchronization with the computer. The user can easily add tracks to their iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and even add songs from their Apple devices to iTunes library.

iMazing allows the user to access data such as text messages, music, call history, photos, voicemail, videos, voice memos and notes. The user can easily extract such data for creating backup on the computer.

iMazing Features

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Here are some of the amazing features of iMazing:

Create Backup, Restore and Manage your iOS Apps

The major issue with the iOS devices is that, when the user removes any application from their iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad all the custom data related to that particular app gets deleted along with the app.

There might be certain cases when you do not wish to remove the app permanently rather would delete the app temporarily due to shortage of storage space. If this is the case with you, then iMazing is certainly a handy tool for you.

This app allows backup management that enables the users to restore applications individually with all the data related to the app anytime they want.

Music Transfer

This app enables the user to transfer music files from a device to iTunes or any desired location directly that is next to impossible to do with iTunes.

This feature proves to be beneficial when you have stored music files in some device and you want to get it on your iTunes as well, whether to create a backup or to share it on computer. It enables you to transfer MP3, M4a and all other supported formats to any OS device without iTunes.

Transfer Photos from Camera Roll and Albums

iPhone comes with world’s most stunning camera and iMazing is an easy and convenient way to transfer all the photos captured from your iPhone to your computer system. This amazing app copies all the photos to your PC making it easier for you to export, save, backup and share your memorable pictures.

Easy Solution for any SMS Issue

There may be certain text messages that are not meant to be deleted; you may wish to share them with others or save them securely. iMazing provides a powerful yet easy way to transfer the text messages from your iPhone to PC. You can easily transfer your text messages from your device if your device is running low on space or you wish to create backup for several text messages.

File Transfer

Transfer of files to iPhone, iPod or iPad’s file system is a way to expand the usage of a device and use them for external storage. This feature of iMazing offers an efficient and easy way to manage and copy folders and files via a great file browser.

Transfer iPhone Voicemail to PC

You can easily transfer voicemails from your iPhone to your PC for creating backup of sound recordings. iMazing enables the user to save these voicemails securely in the external storage. The user can even share such voicemails and listen to play the .AMR files in RealPlayer, iTunes or QuickTime.

Final Words

iMazing is an amazing file manager app that enables the user to easily and conveniently transfer files from their iOS devices to any computer system.

This allows the user to create backup of several files stored in their iOS devices on their computer system for any future reference. This allows the user to access data in case of any data loss from the iOS devices. So, try this amazing app today and enjoy using.

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