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As you already know that, Apple is working on its next iPhone version, the iPhone 6. However, it has not provided any confirmed information about the phone, but the rumors are already spread. People are eager to know about the details, specs, look, design, features, and a lot more about this iPhone 6.

iPhone 6

There are lots of rumors around, including one about the curved screen of iPhone 6. Let’s have a look at some of the iPhone 6 rumors and specifications.


iPhone 6 can be much taller than other smartphones, maybe like the iPod touch. The iPhone 4S has a display screen of 3.5 inches, whereas the upcoming iPhone will have display of 4.6 inches. Some of the tech blogs have reported that since iPhone 5 has 4.0” display, the new version might have larger display of 4.6” along with much efficient display technology.

iOS for iPhone 6

You might know that Apple always uses its own operating system, which is iOS. It keeps updating iOS in its new and upcoming products. The latest version till now is iOS 5 operating system, which is used in iPhone 4S and iOS 4.0 is used in iPhone 4G which might get more upgraded. This year, even Apple iPhone 5 might be running on iOS 6.

So, there are chances that iPhone 6 would run on iOS7. You can consider the operating system of Android as an example. It keeps getting upgraded every three to five months and is used by the smartphones produced by Motorola and Samsung. Therefore, Apple might get more improved in terms of operating system for competing with other companies.

12MP Camera

Till now, Samsung has introduced smartphones with 12MP camera, using better technology as compared to Apple. Even, Motorola smartphones have better technology than Apple. So, the upcoming iPhone 6 may contain 12MP camera for the camera technology to be improved. The latest Apple iPhone 4S has camera technology of 8 Megapixel.

Other brand smartphones like Motorola Droid Razr and Samsung Galaxy S3 have much better camera technology and resolution than Apple iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S has a camera resolution of 960×640 pixel and the pixel density of 326 pixels per inch.

iPhone 6 Processor

As we know that, the products from Apple contain processors produced from Apple Company only. The 800MHz A4 Processor was used in Apple iPhone 4 and A5 Processor in iPhone 4S. Similarly, the rumors are that upcoming iPhone 6 will contain A6 Processor. But, other companies such as Motorola and Samsung are using ARM processor. If you compare, you can see that Samsung Galaxy S3 has used dual core A9 cortex processor and Motorola is going to release another smartphone Moto Droid Razr HD, which will be powered by A9 Quad Core Processor of 1.5GHz.

Apple will be able to compete with these companies by using Apple A7 Processor in upcoming Apple iPhone 6. The present iPhone 4S is running on RAM of 512 Megabytes whereas iPhone 5 runs on RAM of 1Gigabytes. So, it is the possibility that upcoming Apple iPhone 4S might be using RAM of 2 Gigabytes. Since, other brands are running on either 1GB or 2GB RAM in their smartphones. And, for the storage part, it is expected to have memory of 128 Gigabyte.

Release Date

Apple might be applying the same pattern of releasing dates, like other previous products, to the upcoming iPhone 6. As we know that, iPhone 4 was launched on 7th June, 2010 and iPhone 4S was released on 4th October, 2011. The 5th generation has been launched on 12thSeptember, 2012. And, now the 6th generation is going to be released.

However, Apple never announces any prior release date before the real launch date. Most of Apple’s products are released at the Apple Event and this year, it happened live on 12th September, 2012. After seeing the wonderful success of this company, even, Samsung has started following the same pattern.

If you check properly, you can find that the latest releases of Samsung, such as Samsung Galaxy S2, has been launched last year and Galaxy S3 was released in July this year. So, now it’s time for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4. Although,the expected release date is in early 2014.


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