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Every aspect of a business’s conduct contributes towards their brand image and reputation. From the look and sound of their written name to the places they choose to advertise. In today’s world, it’s clear that a company’s online presence is one of the most important aspects for developing an image. There’s no facet of that online presence which tells customers and clients more than a company’s home page.

Positive Brand Image

Of course content has a significant role to play in determining the success of your home page, but creating a powerful space is about far more than just top quality content. The actual design of your home page can go a long way to determining the overall feeling of your site. Here, we look at a handful of ways in which your web design can help you build a positive brand image.

Make your page secure

Security and trust are two of the most important criteria for businesses today, particularly in the digital realm. Visitors to your site need to be confident that they are using a secure connection, even if you’re not asking them to input any sensitive information.

Using an Open SSL connection is the best way to show visitors you take their privacy and security seriously. An SSL checker can help you to make sure your certificate is up to date and companies like Symantec offer these services alongside Open SSL.

Focus on the user experience

Whatever industry you’re in, the key to success lies in crafting a unique and positive user experience. Of course, this comes down to far more than the product or service you offer. At every stage of your communication with a potential customer, a business needs to make life as easy as possible.

In terms of web design, it’s important to make your site as user friendly as possible. Easy navigation should be a top priority.

Get straight to the point

A successful website needs to be informative and it needs to be beautiful, nothing else. Applying this philosophy to your web design is a great way to promote a clean brand image. You need your customers to know that you can get to the heart of what matters, and this should be as apparent in your web design as anywhere else.


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