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Now-a-days, Virtual datacenters of the world class organizations are charged or loaded with hidden operational hazards, which can be undetected and neglected by the companies. Even sometimes, the hazards are yet detected, but the companies do underestimates the severity and the risk of the hazard.

There are many kinds of attacks for the datacenters such as application downtime, disk full space, software bugs and the contention for storage resources. To reduce the valuable time of yours, Cloud Physics has launched a new program to detect and kill the hazards on the datacenters.

With the spirit of the Halloween, Cloud Physics started the wide range of detecting the hazards through experts. To know or to find the hazard in your datacenter, the only thing you have to do is to fill the request form (Name, Working Email, Company Name, Phone Number, Number of Hosts and Role of you in your company) and the rest of the work is done by the experts of the infographic.

It will take only 15 minutes to detect the hazard in data centers. Colud Physics is also providing the tips and tricks to find out the hazards in your datacenters such as Halloween CookBook, it has the analytics to remove the goblins from your datacenters and the stats are adopted from the Cloud Physics global data set, which has more than 50 trillion points of data from around the world.


Here are the main aspects of the attack of hazards, Applications Downtime is the important amongst one of them. When application slows down or goes down, the productivity and profitability of the companies go down as well because most of the virtualized datacenters are depending or rely on the hypervisor high- availability features to keep the applications running, but the surprisingly 41% of the VMware HA clusters do not have the admission control enabled, without admission control, HA cannot give the assurance to the all VM’s. The other problem is running out o disk space. On average, 43% of the organizations runs without disk space.

The other similar problems faces by the organizations are Software Bugs. Every month VM’s or vendors release the 200 knowledge based articles for the data loss or outage issues. Most companies don’t believe this small KB article and yet problems occurs. The major problem among of the downtime of datacenters is the contention of storage resources. On average, each bully victimizes other 5 VM’s and causes 2.2 datastore contentions daily.

Storage is the main aspect of the datacenter in terms of cost. Most of the companies rely on the virtualization layer or storage array. Unfortunately, 26% of the disk space is a dead space. Zombie Virtual Machines are also another source of wasted space, making 16% of the space is powered off or suspended. They simply occupy the space in disk space on storage arrays.

Recently, Cloud Physics has resolved the major problem of two well-known companies such as SSL Heartbleed and ShellShock Security bugs. The unpatched ESX hosts were surprisingly decreased from 50% to 22%.

They also fixed the problems of ESX hosts for ShellShock company. Commonly used OS, Windows 2003 as well as Windows XP reached the end of life support next year. Therefore, the small issues make big problems, so hereby don’t scare, just be prepared. With one call, you can exorcise the operational hazards in your datacenter, even more quickly and easily.


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