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While coming to the calendar applications, everyone needs a best application, so that the schedule of the user will be displayed exactly and the other functions should work properly. For the users of the MacBook or any other Apple products, Fantastical is the best and perfect application for the daily schedules. Fantastical is very easy to use with the best interface and using it you can make your own calendar and many more.


Fantastical is developed by the Flexibits which is commonly called as Flexible Bits. It is developed to make our work easily and reminds everything we need, by just giving the remainder. With this Application you can create your event quickly, easily and moreover by fun.

The working of the Fantastical is very expressive and intelligent; it automatically recognizes the date, time and the location of the contact by making the sentence of your event. It also automatically invites people from your contact or your address book to your event.

The design of the Fantastical is very beautiful and attractive. You can make the list of the important work and automatically Fantastical focuses the important work and displays on your screen. This is the most attractive calendar ever seen. If we need more information about the event, by just clicking the event, information will be displayed instantly.


Fantastical is also very easy to track the tasks. By Fantastical calendar application; you can create the reminder as easy as creating the new event. Fantastical supports the reminders as iOS and OS X, so that you can create or update your to do list in a fastest way.

Fantastical also works with the Mac calendar application; iCal (Lion and Snow Leopard), Calendar (Mavericks and Mountain Lion), BusyCal (Clouds Calendar Only), Outlook or Encourage. You can also use Google, Yahoo and iCloud accounts by adding them to the calendar or iCal.

As I already said, Fantastical is also available for the Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. By using the Cloud service such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCloud, you can use it easily. Fantastical is also available in different versions, so that you can experience the friendliest calendar you’ll ever use.


Fantastical has also got the numbers of languages in built. If you type a reminder, Fantastical will understand it in five different languages such as English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. You can set your selected language in the settings, which can be done easily. The other interesting thing about Fantastical is, it provides the trial version of the application for the Mac users for 14 days, and later on you can buy it from the store.

You can locate the events which may be past, present and future instantly. It will directly display the searched event with seconds and makes that important. You will never miss your alarms and reminders, once you give the information about it.

Editing and the deleting of the events and reminders is very easy thing in Fantastical, you can easily edit your events by searching in the calendar. Fantastical is the best calendar application compared to the other calendar applications because of the function and easy control panel. You may forget your event sometimes, but Fantastical will never forget and reminds at the exact date and time.

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