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Review of: Radium
Vishal Gaikar
$9.99 for OS X

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On October 8, 2014
Last modified:April 30, 2016


A perfect internet radio for your iPhone and your Mac's menu bar that packs lot of great features into a sleek package.

Are you a music geek? And you want to discover more music on the internet? Then, Internet Radio would be the perfect tool for your anxiety over music. With Internet Radio, you can discover more music than anything on the internet. In this case, Radium is the perfect and awesome app, So now you can experience the best music from all over the world.


Radium is the perfect internet radio app especially for iPhone and Mac. Radium is available for iPhone with IOS7 it’s free to download and enjoy and for Mac, you need to pay a little to enjoy this wonderful app. It is developed by CatPig Studios, Inc.

Radium is beautiful, easy to use, minimal internet radio player. The interface of the Radium is also simple and elegant. It has the best interface, which sits in your menu bar and just works simple. More than 10,000+ radio stations are available on Radium, where you can go through the 60s to the latest music.

You can search radio stations by name, region or genre. You can find each and every station which is available on the internet. Example, if you want any local college stations, simply, you have to type “Stanford” or “Harvard”, and you can find the related stations.

Radium for Mac

Once you find the station which you are searching for, you can start listening to the music. If you like the music, you can add it your favorites and listen to the music anytime you want. If you want to buy the music, you can directly buy it from the iTunes store or Amazon.

Getting bored with the station, you can remove it from your favorites directly by tapping remove. The cool thing about Radium is that, when you start listening music, the station displays, artist name, song titles and album’s name. You can also share it to the Facebook and Twitter by tapping the share button indicated on the album art, and you can also send it as a message or email.

Radium is the best app for Mac. It syncs through iCloud, so that you can listen to your favorite music anytime on the desktop or laptop. The iOS app also syncs with the iCloud so that you can share the music between Mac and iPhone. The Radium also provides you to listen to music in your own way style.

Radium equlizer


With the Equalizer button, you can listen to music in different customs. By adjusting it into low, mid and high range, you can bump up the music out of your metal stations. You can also add a variety of subscriptions to your list, by tapping the subscription tab in the menu bar to log in to your account.

The interface of the Radium is like, half of the screen is covered by the song title and album name and the other half is covered by the list of the other stations, which are your favorites. When your screen is locked, song name, artist name and album name are displayed. You can listen to the Radio anywhere you want, at home, at the gym, while walking, at work, make sure that your iPhone or Mac is connected with WiFi or local connection.

Radium_iPhone_1 Radium_iPhone_2
If you like to listen internet radio stations and want a huge bunch of genre options, Radium is the perfect app for that. Each station has its own cover, like news station has newspaper icon, sports station has basketball icon, and you can change it to 20 different icons. As I said earlier, Radium is completely free for iOS 7 supporting iPhone and for Mac you can buy it for $9.99 for OS X. If you want to try once, trial version is available for Mac.

Download Radium for iPhone (Free) | Radium for Mac ($9.99)

A perfect internet radio for your iPhone and your Mac's menu bar that packs lot of great features into a sleek package.

Vishal Gaikar

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