A Look at the New Zync Z1000 9.7-inch Android 4.0 Tablet

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Indian mobile device manufacturer Zync is stepping up its game, and this time it’s bringing a full-size tablet to the market. Zync just launched the new Zync Z1000 9.7-inch tab, running on Android 4.0 with a subsequent 4.1 upgrade.

zync z1000

The Z1000 retails at 10990Rs (Indian rupees), or just a tad over $200. That’s excellent value for a nearly 10-inch tab, and the specs aren’t all that bad either.

Zync Z1000 Features and Specs

Zync Z1000 featured Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, along with Bluetooth 2.0. The tablet is powered by a 1.5GHz single-core processor, backed by 1GB of RAM. There’s 8GB of onboard storage as well.

Users can also patch the output to their HD TVs and monitors thanks to the mini-HDMI port. There’s also a 2MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front-facing camera for video calls. Device usage should last long on moderate use, thanks to a 7000mAh battery.
What’s interesting about the Z1000 is that it is the manufacturer’s first attempt at making a tablet that has a high-definition multi-touch screen.

At 1,024×768, the Z1000 has a better screen than the previous Zync offerings that came with 800×480 capacitive screens. This screen is also an IPS panel, so it should be better in terms of viewing angles compared to its smaller Zync predecessors. Users will also enjoy the different apps that come pre-installed on the Z1000. There are staples like the Facebook app and Office Suite for productivity, with entertainment add-ons like Bollywood Hungama that are sure to please the Indian market.

Zync Z1000 Accessories

Speaking of freebies, Zync Z1000 is also promising a bunch of accessories that will come with the device. Prospective buyers should expect the retail package to include earphones, a screen protector, a lycra pouch, and even a 1-month subscription to the Indian movie-on-demand provider, BigFlix (the app for this service is pre-installed as well).


As far as performance goes, some initial reports from people who have managed to get their hands on the Z1000 say that the tablet performs well enough. Given the single-core processor, some might find performance inadequate, but this is a budget tablet, after all. Plus, the 1GB of RAM should be good enough for most functions.


Zync initially offered the Z990 7-inch slate, unveiled last March. It was the first ICS-toting tablet in India and was available for a budget-friendly price tag of 8,900 rupees, or around $165. Since then, there have been a bunch of 7-inch models released by the company: the Z999 Plus, Z990 Plus, Z909 Plus, and the Z930. The Indian market is currently teeming with all these small-form-factor slates, with several other brands releasing their own models.


Clearly, there is a market for budget tablets that are equipped with hardware good enough to run Android 4.0 or even higher. People looking for higher-end, higher-quality full-sized tablets that come with decent specs and the ability to upgrade to the latest Android version so far, the Zync Z1000 should be worth a look.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find budget models that come with the dimensions, specs, and 3G connectivity support of the Z1000.


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