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If you are planning to build a website for HD wallpapers, then the wallpaper themes play the prominent role in it. Wallpaper WordPress themes became the main source for the Wallpaper sites. It will create or establishes your wallpaper sites in no time. Without these themes, a complete wallpaper website is like to ride a vehicle without a driver.


Now, you stuck for choosing the best theme to manage your content. In that case, Wallpaper WordPress Theme V2 developed by Rakesh Kumar will definitely fulfill your doubts. It is a multi-purpose theme which can manage all your wallpapers to their selected categories. The foremost thing in this theme is to upload or publish your image within seconds by just selecting the image, upload it, give a particular title for which the wallpaper belongs, and just publish it.

The other important aspects of this theme are three column fixed width and also supports top browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc. This theme is already optimized with Google Adsense by which you need not to install any other extra-plugins and no need to worry about other ads; there is a lot of space where admin can place ads.

It gives direct access to change the Logo with admin panel; all wallpapers can be downloaded in different sizes with respective resolutions (by uploading original size 1900 x 1200PX) automatically.

Wallpaper theme V2 is directly built in with social media applications, so that you can directly upload your selected image to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many more. We can also give the comment for the review of each wallpaper which can be done with Facebook Comment System, by just filling your ID.

The one thing by which the Uploader feels happy that by giving post tags, wallpaper will automatically gives the related wallpapers for a user. We can also change Favicon through admin panel, it gives direct information about the views of each image – no need of other plugins.

Yes, I decided to make a wallpaper site with WordPress theme V2, but where do I find these WallPapers. Don’t panic, in internet, there are millions of HD Wallpapers which can be downloaded for free, the only thing is to install the WordPress which can be done in minutes after pressing install button. Wallpaper theme V2 is available for 25$ only.

How to upload wallpaper in WallPaper WordPress Theme

Yet, there are many themes in internet for Wallpaper sites to select, but no other themes are well documented as well as Wallpaper theme V2. The only thing for the Uploader is to upload good images; the rest of the work will be done automatically by the theme itself. To make money online with no stress, Wallpaper sites are perfect choices, to make that thing happen more perfect, Wallpaper Theme V2 is a good option.

Well, as a regular user of a Wallpaper site, I definitely recommend WordPress theme V2 for these sites, which can easily attract the user to download more images and also easily manageable to the admin also.

Download WallPaper WordPress theme v2


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