Micromax beats Samsung to be India’s No. 1 Mobile Phone Vendor

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The Indian market has become fiercely competitive with the advent of a lot of mobile manufacturers in the scene. Moreover, the main factor that has come into play is the local manufacturers who have turned the tables when it comes to affordability.


The vendors have gone on to improvise on the quality of their products as well, thus giving the competitors a run for their money. Thus, it was only a matter of time before one would see a change of scenario in the market and looks like it has finally happened.

As per the latest survey, Micromax, India’s most successful indigenous brand has overcome Samsung in order to take the coveted position at the top for the most number of handsets sold in the country. And this is nothing short of spectacular as well.

Figures Unfolded

India’s mobile phone market, of around 20 million pieces a month, saw two chief alterations that upended the striking order in the April-June quarter of this year. Whereas home-based Micromax, for the first time, nudged out Korean mobile manufacturer giant Samsung to become the company vending the highest number of phones in the nation, Motorola’s risk of taking the limited e-commerce course for its India re-entry with the affordable Moto G, six months before, hit gold in the smartphone category. Rendering to autonomous market study and consulting firm, CounterPoint Research, Micromax has done the inevitable at last.


As per the report, Micromax’s phone deliveries share was 16.6% in the quarter whereas Samsung’s share stood 14.4%. This is the only the first time that Samsung has been moved from the pole spot and this is a huge achievement in terms of a home-grown company.

Effect on the Indian Market

This is a truly big development in the market and goes on to cement some facts that consumers have been predicting for some time now. The main thing is that competition has heated up, with Samsung no longer the smartphone vendor of choice although it continues to hold its position by a narrow margin.

Also, as phones are getting cheaper by the entry of new entrants such as Xiaomi, companies do have to revise their pricing strategies as well. Gone are the days when low price meant that quality had to be compromised, the Mi3 and Moto G are now stark examples of how low price devices are delivering the best in performance and getting whopping sales figures in return.

Micromax also went on to become the top feature phone seller outdoing Nokia for the first time. Also, Micromax became the 10th biggest handset brand internationally in terms of mobile phone delivery volumes in the quarter plus has 2.3% market share overall. This is the also a first for Micromax, which now enters into the topmost 10 rankings.

Final Views

The total scenario in the markets have changed thanks to this trend in the current consumer demand and Micromax has surely benefited from this. It won’t be wrong to see even more of competitive pricing in addition to quality products in the days to come.


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