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hott notesHott notes is the free sticky notes reminder program for your windows desktop.This is a new way to record, keep and manage important information, dates and events using desktop sticky notes. Hott Notes enables you to place virtual sticky notes on your desktop to remind you of upcoming tasks, things to do or any other information that you want to keep handy.Not only can you post sticky note reminders, you can make checklists, set alarms, draw on your notes, and archive.

Features :

1.Remind :Place notes on your desktop, reminding you of important events everytime you use the computer.
2.List : Create checklists to keep track of what you’ve done and what you have left to do.
3.Scribble : Draw crazy pictures to decorate your desktop, or use your Tablet PC to write notes with a stylus. Scribble notes can be any size and stretched to your liking.
4.Style : hott notes have a simple, yet pleasant interface. Choose any color, font, or translucency level for your notes. Also, create and use themes.
5.Edit : Editing notes is easy and non-obstructive. Just double-click the note body, edit it, and hit “Done” when you’re finished.
6.Manager : Managing a large number of notes is easy. A Note Manager allows you view your desktop, wastebasket, and archived notes and perform batch operations on them.

Screenshots :


Note Types :

  1. Message Note : This is standard sticky note
  2. Checklist Note : This has multiple text fields, each with a checkbox next to it.
  3. Scribble Note : A Scribble note contains a drawing or free-hand written instead of text.

So grab the hott notes and organize your information , reminders in stylish way on your desktop.

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