20 New Free Photoshop Brush Packs

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Photoshop brushes are widely available. Have you ever wondered that why these brushes are available and what these brushes can do for you? These brushes can save you a lot of time by adding a different touch of designing in your photos. Hence, every designer must have these brushes.

Photoshop Brush Packs

You will not have to waste much time in drawing the individual design elements. There is a wide spectrum of brushes available now that can let you do leaf designing, clouding, grungy textures, typography, and more. Although CS6 and CC both are equipped with some set of brushes that are installed by default yet these tools don’t let you design with ease.

Photoshop Brush Packs

They can only scratch the surface. If you wish to create fabulous designs in your work and you want everything to look effortless then go grab these brushes. Here is the list of 20 new free Photoshop brush packs:

1. Dry brush strokes

This is a set of 12 wonderful brushes designed by Chris Spooner. They are the high resolution dry brushes that can let you do detailing to give bristle effects.

2. Photo realistic explosions

It is a set of 16 explosion images. Each image is saved as a standard image but you can use it as a brush and that will be extremely easy. It is the best brush tool for adding impact to a design.

3. Subtle brush set

It is a collection of 15 brushes created by Jack Fahnestock. They feature subtle and complex textures that can let you add depth and clarity while designing.

4. TC Magic Spells

It is a set of 21 brushes. The theme of the brushes is basically the moon. If you wish to add some illustrations and whimsy effects then this set of brushes will be perfect.

5. Feathers and birds

It is a collection of 12 individual brushes. Each brush has its own standalone piece of artwork. You can do detailing related to illustrations bird, whimsical, and much more.

6. Star field

This set consists of 4 brushes having 2500px square. You can add detailed start patterns and dust clouds with this set of brushes.

7. Gritty and grunge

These are the 7 brushes that can let you add a grimy background. You can use splatters and other grits in your work.

8. Spray splatter

It is a collection of 12 brushes each with 2500px. You can use a wide range of spray patterns in this brush collection to create dirty backgrounds, add textures, and even do typography.

9. Speckle brushes

It is a set of 5 superb Photoshop brushes which were created using piece of toast. They are simple and wonderful to use.

10. Technical brushes

It contains 10 illustrative brushes, which can be best to use for drawing technical themes. You can add different detailed cross sectional designs with these brushes.

11. Heads up display pack

You will find 30 high resolution brushes in this pack. It can offer you all the HUD elements in the iron man style. You can do amazing detailing like topography with it and can add exploded diagrams.

12. Nature silhouettes

It is a brush set containing 19 different silhouettes featuring, flora, grasses, tress, and more.

13. Grimey brushes

It is a versatile set of brushes that can let you add dirt into your images. It contains 5 different brushes created by Mattox Shuler.

14. Paint lines

It contains 24 high resolution brushes that can let you add a real media feel in your work. Some of the brushes in the collection include paint tin marks, thicker marks, and more. You can certainly enjoy lots of options with this brush set.

15. Sponge party

It contains 8 high quality brushes, which let you add sponge brush marks, add timber, and do collage work.

16. Coffee stain brushes

There are some marks that even look better than the ink stains. You will agree to it when you will use this brush collection pack. These brushes can let you add a nice degree of life wear to the images by aging them within snaps.

17. Gradient brushes

These are the simple swish brushes that can let you add gradient colors to give a soft touch to any of your design project.

18. Smoke brush set

It is a collection of smoke brushes created by Graham Jeffery. There are 21 different brushes in this pack.

19. Funky Paisley brushes

It is a rich set of brushes that feature a different paisley design. It also includes PNG files, which can help the designer in using the brushes.

20. i Res clouds

It is a collection of 17 brushes featuring different cloud designs. You can easily add interest to the images with the use of these brushes.


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