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Everyone likes to play games either on mobile phones or system. The people are always looking for the new games for their Android phones. There are number of free video slots games available on the Google play store but there is one new game – Slotomania, it is an amazing game with free slots.


It is a perfect name for this game because the makers went entirely crazy while making and compiling the amazing number of slot machines, so you can enjoy more with the number of slots while playing the game. When a person starts a game, then he or she will get the only single machine to spin, but as he or she win more, then players will get more opportunity to unlock the more games which will grow gradually more insane.

In Slotomania, there are several slot machines and each machine has its one identity, look, jingle, and unique style that have fun every time with the wheels start spinning. It is a fun loving game, and it is loved by everyone but mainly from youngsters.

  • Match up Fonzie and the team with Happy Days machine
  • Match up the jumbled variety of strange creatures with the cash creatures

Slotomania Special Features

This game possesses lots of bright flashy images and visuals to keep the players entranced as well as stash of the virtual currency that will slowly dwindle as one play. It has good representation of a perfect slot machine which does not perfectly make for the fun Facebook game. It has some special features such as:

  • When you initiate the game, then you will get some money to start up the game
  • When you start the game, then you will get a chance to earn cash by logging into the profile daily
  • At initial, one will get the only single slot machine, but as you play more you will get an experience points as well as you will be able to unlock the new machines and each machine has its own specific theme
  • The graphics of a game are colorful and bright as well as a fun tune plays each and every time, when you spin the slot machine.


Slotomania – One of the Best Games

It is a best game for those who really like a slot machine in their life. It is just like an actual slot machine and in which you can set that how much you want to play. In addition, you can also select that how many lines a player wants to try as well as the match. The sum that you can wager and the amount of lines, both these things will help you in achieving the higher level machines and you will reach soon to higher level machines.

For playing this game no special skills are required, you just have to do only one thing and that is spin. For playing this game, a player has to click on spin button and then a player has to wait for the results, and after that one can again click the spin button to spin the slot machine. It is just similar to an actual slot machine, and for this no virtual cash is required, so you can play it without any tension and try your luck.

Players love Slotomania: Free slots games due to the below reasons:

  • Frequent special promotions
  • Many ways for unlocking the higher level of games
  • Free gifts that you can send and receive it from friends
  • Countless opportunities to win currency from the free spins, bonus rounds, and mini games
  • Frequent special promotions
  • Instant accessibility anytime, anywhere, and from any devices.

With Slotomania, you can also get connected with your friends on Facebook by sending and receiving the gifts to and from your friends. In addition, you will get free tokens and spins.


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