IFTTT Is Finally Available for Android

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IFTTT, the preferred Geeks to automate actions and make life easier tool arrives on Android. I invite you to download and then you dive into the thousands of recipes offered by this tool.

IFTTT for Android

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. IFTTT , the service that allows you to automate tasks and actions was available for the web and now it is available for Android smartphones. IFTTT android application allows you to manage and create “recipes” from your Android smartphone comes with new strings and actions related to Android devices.

In addition to creating rules with all the services that can connect to IFTTT, the Android version has rules that allow you to automate actions and processes on your smart phone.


The idea is to apply certain rules to mobile applications, for example to instantly save the pictures on Instagram or Google Drive. The mobile user will be able to associate tasks according to their geographical position or get some information directly through the notifications, such as certain weather or sports scores.

For example, you can create a rule that can automatically change the background of your smartphone using your last uploaded photo on Instagram. It is also possible to add all your SMS (text messages) to a Google Drive or to change your ringtone when you check-in on Foursquare. Also users can automatically upload their Flickr’s public photos to Facebook. Have a look to the more examples of different recipes you can create with IFTTT;

ifttt app

IFTTT Examples –

  • IFTTT can keep a phone call logs in Google Drive and Email you if you miss any calls.
  • IFTTT can mute your phone when you get to the office and turn on vibrate.
  • IFTTT can automatically turn off wifi when you leave from home and turn in on when you reach to the office.
  • IFTTT can automatically add a Starred Gmail message to a list in Evernote.
  • Upload your android photos to Google Drive or Dropbox and so on.

To recall, IFTTT is a service that allows you to automate processes across multiple Web services, usually do not communicate together. More than 90 Web services are compatible with IFTTT. This offers the ability to create thousands of combinations between the apps.

Download IFTTT app for Android


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