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Motorola was one of the leading mobile companies few years back, but its competitors like Nokia, Samsung and LG etc. took it away from Motorola. Motorola was also very slow to react to the change brought by Nokia and Samsung smart phones in the mobile market.


Though very late, but Motorola is now backing up with one of the most fabulous devices that it had ever launched. Moto E is one of such devices that had been released by Motorola in the month of May. This android smart phone had been launched in India and UK till now.

It is also available in many popular online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Flipkart is selling this device at a cut throat price of Rs.6999 only. This is one of the cheapest android phones that have some of the marvelous features present in some expensive android devices of some other companies. None of the smart phone companies offer such features like that of Moto E at this price. Let us have a close view on some of the brilliant features of Moto E.

Moto E – The best budget smartphone available in India

The 4.3 inches display screen is sufficient enough to play the videos of 960 x 540 QHD resolutions. It just weighs 4.8 ounces. Moto E is powered with Dual Core Snap Dragon 20 Processor clocked at 1.2 GHz.

The 1 GB RAM of this smartphone aids it with the ability to handle complex tasks with ease. It runs on Google Powered Android Kitkat 4.4.2 version. Talking about the photo capturing capability of this smart phone, the device is supported with 5 megapixels rear camera. But, the hard truth to digest is that the phone lacks front facing camera. You may find it really hard to click a good selfie.

This smart phone provides you with a good battery life as evaluated with some of its other variants. The 1980 mAh battery of this smart phone lasts for 5 hours while calling on 2G mode. The phone offers 4 GB on-board storage memory.


If this much space is not enough for you then you can add a memory card to its SD card slot and expand its memory to 32 GB. The connectivity features of Moto E include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and Airplane mode, but unfortunately it lacks the LTE support. You can browse through the internet on 2G modes for 8 hours, while working on 3G mode, the battery will last for about 6.2 hours.

The external speakers of this smart phone are located very near to the microphone and can generate up to a good 23 decibels of sound. This sound is good enough for the smart phone user. If you are bit choosy then you can choose your Moto E from different color choices- Violet, Lemon Lime, Chalk, Turquoise, Black, White, Royal Blue, and Cherry Color.

Overall, the phone has got some of the brilliant features that will force a buyer to go for this smart phone. Moto E is worth purchasing, if you are looking for a good device under Rs.10000.

Though this smart phone has got some of the marvelous features at such a reasonable price, but still it has some weak points. Some of the noticeable lags of this device are- there is no front facing camera, it lacks the LTE support, and the flash is absent with the rear camera. This makes it difficult to capture quality images in low light conditions. But, the photos captured in good light are just excellent.

Moto E Features

  • Luxury– The design as well as the buildup quality will turn heads, but for grabbing the attention, there is a set of its features. The bracket of price is typically filled by the phones along with the quality display, but the gorilla glass of Moto E is the panel of 960*480 pixels which deliver the good display per inches.
  • Its Performance– Faster in performing the day to day task- delve more deeply in the powers of the Moto E as well as one can find the dual core chip set with good graphics.
  • Camera– There is a part where the Motorola will deviate from the stock android and the stock is the camera. Motorola has used the user interface of its own camera but the stock is in no loss that is big as the photography is quite not good. As good as camera to use sadly that it does not extend to the performance.

Moto E Pricing

It is a fully fledged android gadget that most of the people can afford easily. This device is available on some of the online stores at an affordable price of 6999 INR only. It is the best budget android smart phone under 10000 INR.

You can check the current price of the MOTO E on PricePanda. PricePanda is the best place for the smartphone price comparison, the compare the prices for the smartphone from the different online shopping portal and gives you the best deal.


Again the Motorola has changed the market of the smartphone. The Moto E will first truly bargain the basement of Smartphone which ever impressed the users. The designs, speed, battery life as well as the features are quite better than any other phone. Motorola has the mission for eradicate the featured phone in the market.


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