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A new version (v 4.4) of the Google+ app for Android is available on Google Play store. This updates includes a complete redesign of the interface and new features related to the pictures.


Several changes were made to the interface of Google+ app for Android. Now, tools are integrated into a new menu bar that appears under your name at the top of the screen. Google+ app will now have a red action bar on top, which gives you access to Notifications, People suggestions and account picker. Under the red action bar there is one more white bar and which have search function to search for people, posts and photos. Also you can select if you want to see stories from everyone or from selected Google+ circles.

There is an edit button at the bottom right which gives you access to the camera, mood, add location, add attachment and space for writing message.


The photo section has also been completely renewed. When you reach to this section, the application menu gives you access to all camera features. A new feature that is called “Stories” automatically create photo albums of your travels and events. This is probably the key feature of this upgrade. Google+ android app gives you an option to combine your photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful travelogues.

Here is the important change-log provided by Dave Besbris, Vice President for Google+;

  1. Auto Awesome Stories now combine your photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful travelogues. Check this example Story.
  2. Auto Awesome Movies are now available on Android, iOS and the web, so lots more people will receive highlight reels of their photos and videos. Check out the example.
  3. You can now create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand. Just tap the new plus button in Photos, and select either Motion or Mix.
  4. Really big photo libraries are now supported on Android, so you can access your many thousands of photos quickly and easily.

Download Google+ android app v4.4 apk from this link.

What do you think of this update? Do you use Google+ on android?

Source: +DaveBesbris


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