Canvas 4 Review: Now Kiss Your SmartPhone to Unlock

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Vishal Gaikar
17,000 INR

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On July 25, 2013
Last modified:April 30, 2016


Canvas 4 is a great phone with HD video recording and 13 MP camera with Poor battery performance and slow autofocus in Camera.

Well, you might feel absurd on reading this. But, it is true. An Indian consumer electronics company named Micromax Ltd. has made it possible. As the world of electronics is moving towards gestural user interface era so this Indian company has put the foundation stone.

Canvas 4

Now, the IRONMAN fans can wait to enjoy the magic of GUI. For your information, Gestural User Interface is a medium for human interaction with electronics devices through gesture of hand & eyes.

It is a new media. And, this media is going to shake the world in upcoming days. Let us cut this short and come to main launch issue.

Canvas 4 Review

After launching amazingly cost-efficient SmartPhones under Canvas series like Canvas HD, this Indian company has come up with Canvas 4. With heavy advance booking, the product is going to swipe out the close participants form Indian market. There are multiple factors, which are supporting this device.

Notably, the company has launched this device at the price of 17999 per piece. With an enhancement of price by INR 4000, this device is going to do wonder in upcoming days. Technically, this device is not flashing innovative features in the fashion of Samsung and Apple. This is why the consistent growth is questioned.

Canvas 4 – Technical Specifications

On looking at the technical aspects, we have found that the device is sporting the latest versions of android 4.2 with massive 1.2 GHz processor. So, the processing speed of the device will surely be as fast as the SmartPhones that come under INR 40000 price range. Therefore, it will directly affect the Indian market of Samsung and HTC like android using companies. However, the Apple is not in this line because Apple has made its own class across the world. So, Canvas 4 is not going to compete with iPhone.

From the design point of view, Micromax has really worked well. It has given a fine design to its recent launch. Though, the aluminum look resembles of HTC’s one but it would not matter because the customer class of Micromax is price restrained. In India, this device is going to rule for some time because the 5 inch display is not available at this price in any other brand.

Moreover, the display uses IPS LCD, which makes it possible. The device is proudly sporting 4 GB internal data that is also not available in any other devices. Moreover, the customers will also give value to 1 GB RAM with 32 Gm expendable memory.

In short, the device is a perfect answer to multiple dual SIM service offering SmartPhones such as Sony Xperia C, Samsung Galaxy Ace duos, Huwai, and HTC desire.


Considerably, the dual SIM devices from previously mentioned companies are available at very costly prices: 11900 for Samsung, and 19000 for HTC Desire. Therefore, the INR 17999 worth Micromax Canvas 4 is an amazing deal. With this deal, you will get features that are available in aprx INR 40000 worth Samsung.

When it comes to SmartPhone features, Android exists in all such devices. Everyone is making tiny changes. For example, Samsung introduced retina tracking feature, HTC introduced shaking feature, and now Micromax has come with kiss to unlock feature. Therefore, this innovative step from this Indian company will help it in paving its path in international market.

Canvas 4 is a great phone with HD video recording and 13 MP camera with Poor battery performance and slow autofocus in Camera.

Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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