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Alternative to Google Play Store:
Vishal Gaikar

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On September 6, 2013
Last modified:April 30, 2016


Moborobo app market is the best alternative to Google play store for android phones.

The Moborobo App Market Place has emerged as the prominent alternative to Google Play Store. The market provides access to versatile resources including apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones and much more. But that’s not all that describe the Moborobo.


In fact, it has taken the concepts of android app market a little further to fulfill the gap of an official management app for Android devices. The iPhone got its own iTunes while Window phone can be managed by Windows Phone app or the Zune. However, android phones do not have any official companion that can be used to manage the device right from PC.

Moborobo – Free Of Cost Utility

Using the internet directly on the Android device consumes lots of Data Charges and Tariff Plans Rates. On the other hand, there is no utility/ app that can let the user access the internet from the PC using reverse tethering methods without rooting the device.

As the solution, the Moborobo PC tool allows users to manage whole device just from the PC. There is no need to access internet as apps/ games can be installed to android device through a PC, just as in case of iPhone. Interestingly, there are ‘0’ 3G Data Charges for download and installing apps through Moborobo App Market Place.


The Moborobo is loaded with lots of amazing features that makes the android users to experience the sophistication of using their Smartphone. First of all, the PC Moborobo Management tool can be used to sync the contacts, images, ringtones and other important data from one device to another without interconnecting both devices.

Moborobo provides access to lots of versatile apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers that can be downloaded free of cost and installed via PC. The advanced features allows user to surf the free apps and games easily.


The Moborobo shares a highly integrated and easy to navigate interface. The clever programming provides the intuitive surfing features. This is a prominent interface feature that makes it the best alternative to Google Play Store.


Alongside, it makes it easy to surf for the next favorite android app from a large database of resources. The direct download button allows user to download the app and install it using the PC that too without giving any 3G Data Charge.


Unlike other management app, the Moborobo allows users to connect the Smartphone using USB cables or Wi-Fi network. The advanced connectivity integrates the device with PC in such a way that the device seems to be a part of the system. The user can transfer the files and text in between the device and PC using the floating window of Mobo Portal.

Side by side, the user can also access the text copied from the PC to the clipboard of its device. Not only this, but the user can also send and replay SMS directly from a PC which is really an advanced level of Smartphone connectivity. This advanced integration technology adds a star to the ratings of Moborobo App Market Place.

Moborobo app marketplace

Even we can update the apps from the MoboMarket. This is the best thing that app updates are just few click away with your personal computer.

Cross Platform Compatibility

This is a great feature for those who want to switch from iPhone top android platform. The cross platform compatibility of Moborobo allows users to transfer contacts, media data, files and documents from iPhone to android device and vice versa.

Overall Review

The strong cross platform features and versatile connectivity are the only functions that make it great. The basic backup and restore facility, ‘0’ 3G Data Charge for app download and a fully featured file explorer for android device are some of the salient features of Moborobo.

Till now, there is no such thing in the android market that can be compared to any app with such a wide collection of useful features. Perhaps, this is the reason why it’s rapidly getting popular among android users and getting highly excellent reviews and ratings.

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Moborobo app market is the best alternative to Google play store for android phones.

Vishal Gaikar

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