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The Internet offers a wide variety of entertainment including games. If you’re the type of person who loves playing different types of games but don’t want to go through the process of installing software, browser based games are for you.

There are several sites like or that have a long list of free online games that you can try. Here are 5 of the top ones that would keep you entertained.

World of Cheese

The mice have run out of cheese. Help them collect cheese to feed the whole family by playing World of Cheese. There are different levels in this game that are located in various areas of the house. Find the cheese on each level by solving the puzzle.


The problem is that you will not be given instructions on what specific things you must do. You should analyze and find the solution on your own. Solve the puzzles in as lesser moves as you can to get a higher score. Only when you solved a puzzle can you move to the next level. Once a level is cleared, you can always replay if you wish to try completing it with lesser moves.

Snail Bob 5: Love Story

If you have played the previous Snail Bob games, you’ll love its fifth installment. But even if you have not, you’ll still enjoy playing it. Help Snail Bob reach his true love by removing obstacles that may come his way on the forest. There are buttons to push, levers to pull and stars to collect in all 25 levels of the game.


Finding all 3 stars on each level will unlock a mini game. Each level is a different puzzle to solve. There is a turn and a speed button on the upper right side, which you can click if Snail Bob needs to turn left or right or if he needs to slow down or move faster. Hitting the space bar on the other hand will make him stop.

Candy Buff

Don’t be fooled by its eye candy background. Candy Buff can be as enjoyable and addicting as other endless runners. Run as long as you can while collecting stars and jelly like objects. You must also avoid obstacles that would come your way.


Collecting the objects would increase the meter that will protect you from the enemies, but only for a short period. That’s why you must keep on collecting so when you hit the bad guys, you’ll not be killed instantly. The game ends when your character hits the obstacles with the meter becoming empty. You’ll find yourself repeating the game over and over trying to beat your own score.

Hobo 7

Feeling a bit naughty? Hobo 7 will let you unleash that naughtiness in you up in heaven. The back story of the game is that Hobo was able to kill Satan, thus making him go up in heaven. He fell asleep on its gate. As he woke up and walked around the place, he realized that he wasn’t actually welcome there.

Fight against the angels by hitting the A and S key on your keyboard. The arrow keys will let Hobo move in different directions. Most of the enemies are easy to take down especially with combos. But the ones with wings are more difficult to kill.

Kingdom Rush

Are you a fun of tower defense games? Kingdom Rush is one of the free games that you can play online. Defend your kingdom from the hordes of evil monsters and bosses by strategically placing and upgrading your towers.


The enemies get stronger as you progress in the game that’s why you must also have powerful towers to face them. You earn money as you kill the enemies. This money is used for purchasing towers and for upgrading them.

If you find yourself bored with nothing else to do or you wish to take a quick break from your work or study, try these free online games and you’ll be in for a fun treat.


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