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Every occasion in an individual’s life comes with lots of memories and unforgettable moments. In order to make these memories everlasting, people are often seen clicking innumerable pictures as well as creating videos.


Now a day, videos are made as well as shared with everyone. People have got into the habit of recording anything and everything. Hence, there comes the need for a video editor tool that can make the videos more interesting as well as also add a touch of creativity to them. Aimersoft Video Editor is one such great tool that helps you in editing your videos from anywhere as well as everywhere.

Introduction: Aimersoft Video Editor

Compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems, this is a great tool that adds life into your videos. There are lots of fabulous features that come along with this tool.

With the use of more than 100 different effects, you can add a personal touch to your videos. Some of the main functionalities of the Aimersoft Video Editor are:

  • The ability to split a lengthy video in many different small clips.
  • Multiple short videos can be merged to create a big video file.
  • You can also delete unwanted segments from your video.
  • To add anything, there is the option for copying and pasting as well.
  • The choice to add as well as remove audio from the entire video or from small segments of it.
  • The ability to remove black border from videos by cropping it.
  • To bring your videos to the correct orientation, you can rotate it.
  • Add brightness or reduce colour from the videos.
  • Regulate the speed of your video. There is option for speeding up and slowing down of the video.
  • For sharing videos over the internet, you can compress its size.

However this list does not come to an end here. There are lots of other useful features associated with this video editor tool.


Using the Aimersoft Video Editor, you can edit videos belonging to a number of different formats. This is due to the reason that it supports large number of image, audio as well as video file formats. The best part about this tool is that it works for both downloaded and self- made videos/ audios/ image files.

All you need to do is drag and drop the file into this program and you are ready to go. Once the process of editing is over, you will have the choice to save the file in formats preferred by you as well as transfer the edited files to portable devices.

Advantages of using Aimersoft Video Editor

It allows you to take snapshots. Yes, you heard that right. Using this video editor program, you can capture snapshots from any video and view the snapshot like a usual image as well. Another great utility is its ability to detect scene changes in a video. This is a very useful feature if you want to split your videos into smaller clips.


You can also record your own voice and attach it with the video to add a more personalised touch to your creation. At any point of time, you can increase/ decrease the volume and pitch. Apart from this, there are lots of other features that make this tool a must have for everyone out there.


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