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Job and Project Management sprang from the arenas of engineering and management. Structuring the whole recruitment, assigning, report generation and submission and client satisfaction, there’s always been an issue between all the intermediate stages.

Rather than making a fuss from it, companies are becoming smarter day by day. With the introduction of technologies such as cloud computing, etc., using applications, software and databases have now become merely a singular, straightforward task.

But then too, a clean, simple and effective job management solution that will help the companies, employees, and the clients all together is what now firms have been looking for in the industry. It can get tricky and time-consuming trying to find the ideal software for the whole issuing, analyzing, report generation, and other processes that are involved in managing a job for your custom, but the solutions lie right here with WebFletch Business Manager.

WebFletch’s Job Management Software is one of the premium applications that service companies or any other firms might use to get their jobs done in no time. Being a SAAS (Software as a Service) solution, you don’t need to worry about installing an application on your PC or Mac you can simply log in and manage your business anywhere in the world. Everything is available on the cloud 24/7. And you can use it anytime, anywhere, that too without any hassle. All because of several unbelievable features that this software packs into it. Some of them include –

  1. Assigning jobs to employees/engineers
  2. Create reports for clients and data analytics
  3. Manage and generate job-sheets
  4. Sending invoices on to go
  5. Calendar functionality – to keep a check on to upcoming jobs and events
  6. Analysis reports in graphical representation – makes it better to understand.
  7. Get customer and engineer signatures when the jobs are complete.
  8. See contact details of customers.
  9. View the location of a job and get sat-nav driving directions to the customer site.

All this is served into such a small packet that provides you tons of functions on the go with ease.

Are you tired of losing job-sheets and customer information? Well, we’ve got you covered with WebFletch Business Manager, it really makes it easy to maintain records.

With one click invoice generation and with calendar integration, it gives you an easy way to pre-plan your next jobs. Also, with all these abilities, you can watch when a customer viewed a quote, job-sheet or invoice so there is no guessing whether they actually received it.

job management software

Altogether, WebFletch’s software for Job Management has covered all the aspects you need and it works on any device as well. Their mobile application is available on iOS and Android devices so engineers can log what they are doing whilst on-site. And all the functionalities can be accessed over any device with cloud-based services using SAAS. With the beauty of SAAS, you don’t need any special hardware requirements at your end. It provides a seamless experience on your demand, on the go.


There are several applications/software available on the market, providing the exact basic functionalities. But, WebFletch’s Job Management offering provides some features on a feasible budget and, that too with a free 30-day trial. Therefore, you get everything you need to run your field service business. We would definitely recommend checking it out!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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