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Here is the list of Alternative to TuneUp Media. Recent age has lots of new activities for the purpose of intellectual recreation, TuneUp media is one of them. It soothes the tired nerves and put them in order to bear the hectic workload and show a brilliant performance. However, not everyone can have access to TuneUp media, so they search for its free alternatives, which can provide the conveniences of TuneUp media.

Alternative to TuneUp media refers to a way that can administer your music assortment with ease. It must be able to clean iTune library in order to manage the music list and to have solutions for the missing art covers and artist’s name.

The main question is where to find such versatile and intelligent software that can provide comprehensible interface and amazing features, which can manage your acoustic collections successfully.

Here we have a number of alternate solutions for the problems regarding your iTune music library. These will enable you to manage and systematize your audio library. Especially, if you have songs in your list named as Track 0, Track 1 and so on, it will salvage the Track name and other omitted data about the track and keep organize your melody store as per your inclination.

Free Alternative to TuneUp Media

Following is a list of recommended programs that can serve as free alternative to TuneUp media:

MusicBrainz Picard


It is equally good for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. It keeps your favorite music organized, as it has album oriented approach.


It is supported by Mac as well as Windows Operating Systems. It systemizes your music collection by refurbishing the tracks and finding missing information.

SongGenie 2


It is really enticing software if you are interested in lifting up the appearance of our music library. It will facilitate you in every possible manner to manage your digital collection efficiently.

CopyTrans TuneTastic

It is good for Windows and makes your songs collection appealing by repairing broken links of songs and removing duplicate tracks. It also finds and imports stray songs for your library. Moreover, it adds up the missing album artwork and lost songs too.


It is a masterpiece of app factory, which is available to organize music collection. This app is equipped with excellent features to supervise your assortment. Moreover, it has capacity to add new titles to your songs even if they are named already. The best part is that it makes iTune appearance equally lively to the song’s lyrics.



It is Windows based program and is capable of organizing music collection for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It refreshes the list by using intelligent music analysis tools, and also completes the missing data of songs and renames the tracks found as untitled or unknown.



It is a multitasking Windows based program, which can be used for administering your acoustic data. It is capable of renaming tracks and generating tags for untitled songs.

Easy Tag

It is a Windows and Linux based software, and can be used for viewing and editing tags of MP3 and MP2 songs. It can deal with many other formats as well.


This is a Windows based tag editor program that can deal with almost all popular audio formats.


It is equally good to be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The user can use this app to deal with tagging of music files.

Media Tagger

It is another Mac based program, which auto tags the music files for your convenience.

These few pieces of software have amazing capacity to keep your acoustic collection as per your ease and preferences. They are functional on both Windows and Mac OS, however, some of them are equally good for Linux too. Thus, you can find a suitable program for your device based on your requirement.

In nutshell, these programs can be proved a good manager to manage your music library so that you can enjoy the music of any kind. They convert your messy collection into an organized one by fixing errors in list, removing duplicate songs, adding omitted art covers to your albums to make them a perfect digital library.

Their user-friendly interface is also a positive feature for all the users. aspect. By trying any of these you will get awesome results in classifying your music collections.


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