Shall I Upgrade to iOS 7 or Shall I Stick to iOS 6?

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Apple updated its software to the most advanced and upgraded version of iOS i.e. iOS 7 and released it on 18th September. iPhone lovers hurried to download the upgrade to see if the upgrade is a positive change.

ios 6 vs ios 7

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People are very impressed with the new version of iOS as a new standalone platform. Let us have a look at the changes that iOS 7 has brought to the life of the people who were using iOS 6. This post will help you to decide if iOS 7 is better or iOS 6 was the better choice.

The major change that Apple has introduced to its iOS is its user interface with a refreshing feel of the app icon and a completely new look. This new OS given by Apple is not very attractive taking away all the necessary features. The design of the new iOS is a flatter one as compared to the iOS6.

The screen now has less texture on the app icons. The boxes surrounding functions like ‘Edit’, ‘Done’ and heavy bars at the top or the bottom of the screen that were present in iOS6 have been removed now just leaving the text to be shown.

The lock screen has also been changed with the more keypad style or in other words we can say that iOS has been replaced a bit with Android. It is looking like an Android phone with round buttons. Apple has used this approach with more exciting colors and zoom features for operating the folders.

Talking About The iOS 7 Apps

Apple has also changed the look of the icons of Photos, Camera, Newsstand and many others iOS apps  updated with a better reflection of elements. The old camera lens, sunflower and the bookshelves have been replaced with an old-fashioned camera image, a color wheel and various magazine covers for the Newsstand.

In iOS 7 you will notice a more simplified form on the lock screen. The new iOS 7 lock screen has removed the arrow and the bar that was present in iOS 6 and were used to unlock the iPhone and the iPad. This new update also features some dynamic icons on your phone that will move along with you as you move your iPhone. Thanks to the new Parallax effect added to the new update.

The new translucent overlay on the new interface needs to be praised as it lets the folders to change the color to reflect your wallpaper. This means that now you can have multiple pages in your folders. This will help you in managing your folders and files. As soon as you reach nine apps in a folder, your phone will automatically create a new page in the folder rather than stuffing them all in a single page.

One really impressive feature that iOS7 offers is the ability to share the images via AirDrop. You can pair your phone with another handset that is having iOS7 in it and can share the images and notes within seconds. This would be a real help to the students who want to share their notes, documents, files quickly and easily.

Improved Multitasking

The concept of multitasking has improved in iOS 7 as compared to iOS 6. It has now become very easy to flick through the open windows using the new card based interface offered by Safari. Also there is an addition to the Bookmark Window making it easy for you to get to the recently visited websites quickly.

If you tap on the Home button twice, you can scroll through all the open apps and you can close them by swiping them in upward direction. This scrolling process is much smoother on the new OS as it is a fluid movement that circles through all your apps. But in iOS 6 it scrolls through a group of four applications at a time. The only problem is that swiping is a slower process as compared to clicking the red close button to close the app.

Well after comparing both iOS 6 and iOS 7, the comparison says that iOS 7 is a bit slower than iOS 6 with the basic tasks like opening the email and the web pages. The new iOS7 only offers you a new look and a new feel and some new features like Control center, Airdrop and lots more apps changes.

The reviews for iOS 7 are not up to the mark or have not reached the level as expected by the iOS developers. Hopefully Apple will come over these problems with its new iOS 8.


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