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It is actually true – there is an apps for whatever you can possibly think of. Guaranteed. There are useful and/ or fun apps for men and women alike. Some of them are worth having, others – not really. Here are the best-known apps for men.

Finding a sports bar

Have you ever found yourself in a strange place, where you missed your favorite sports team and sports bar? Then FanFinder is just for you.

This app will tell you where in town you can find fans of your favorite team, who are hanging out and watching the game. It also tells you where to find fans of your team’s opponents if you are looking to start a fight.

Building muscle

All-in Fitness has a big exercise database with clear instructions and pictures that go with more than 100 exercises. They are sorted by muscle target and body part. The app records your progress after each training session and saves your data, so that you can come back to it later.

The exercises are also sorted depending on what you are working out for, meaning what your goal is, whether to build muscle or lose fat or something else. This app can also mix your exercising so that you do not get bored with the same old routine, rendering your efforts meaningless and ineffective. It can also give you fun new exercise ideas if you are stuck and don’t know what to do.

Avoiding speed traps

Trapster is your solution to speeding and other traffic violation tickets. This app will alert you to impending speed traps and traffic cameras.

The app operates based on user-generated information, meaning that people report speed traps when they see them and this works for other users’ benefit.

Sharing contact info

Bump is a handy app for sharing contact info by just bumping your fists together – in this case, bumping your phones. It is very simple to use – open the app on each phone, choose the information to share (contact details, etc) and bump the phones.

This is a good way to replace the ritual of exchanging business cards, which you later lose or put away, only to find them a month later in a strange place and wonder who the heck this is, where you met and why you have his card. Especially considering that when we exchange business cards in bars in the evening, we have usually had a bit too much to drink.

This is pretty much it as far as useful apps go. The following apps, at least most of them, have been labeled “most sexist” by the online community of iPhone users (mostly its female part, of course). These include, but are not limited to the self-explanatory app Pick Up Lines, Occasions (to remind you when your wedding anniversary or wife’s birthday is), iStrip (featuring women stripping on your iPhone display – there are only five models so it’s bound to get boring really soon), iBeer, iHandgun, and iSteak.

So guys, do you more better apps which you think can fit in above categories ? Share with us via comments below.


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