Link Earning: 5 Ways to Win High Quality Links

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The old days of link building is gone. For all the years that many SEO abused the system, ranking by building High Quality Links is not an easy task anymore. People keeps talking that there are still viable ways to build those links that can help you outrank your competitors but the truth is, those methods will just hurt you more than help you.

Google is dead serious on eradicating web spam. Since the release of Google Panda on 2011, we all have a hint on what’s coming to all of us. We are now bombarded with continuous Panda updates, Penguin, Page Layout Algorithm, Exact Match Domain (EMD) penalty, Google’s humming bird, paid links penalty, negative SEO and many more to come.

If you are tired on chasing these algorithms, then link earning is for you.

1.Don’t just create content – build an awesome content asset.

Alright, I know everyone is thinking again about “Content is king” but really, is there a better way to build a business than creating contents? I’m not talking about creating another piece of crappy content that’s main focus is to seed exact match anchor texts and rank for keywords.

Build content that you readers need. Create targeted content that works well for your readers. Do not just create another piece of content. Here are few example of SEO related contents / website that can be consider long lasting “evergreen”

2.When you create assets, you build your brand

Branding is perhaps the most basic and yet often overlooked method in digital marketing. When people hear of it they often think of logo and graphic designs, limiting the true capability of branding.

Here are ways how branding can be collaborated to other strategies

  • Branding and Web Design – In branding, web design defines the physical or technical aspect of your brand. It is important that users of information will be able to browse thru your web pages and links flawlessly. Well designed web layouts builds up your technical skills as a brand.
  • Content and Brand Perception – Content builds your brand’s character. This is why good content is necessary in establishing your brand. Sharply written contents and writing contents that matter builds up your brand’s credibility and reputation.
  • Brand visibility and Expertise Conversations – Real winners don’t hide on the dark corners of the internet. If you want visibility, you should join social communities that are relevant to your expertise. From conversations on blog comments, forums and QA sites – you should showcase your knowledge and make people know that you are an expert on what you do.

3.When you have a brand, your social media campaign is likely to become a success.

Have you ever wondered why social media campaigns for many big brands are successful? Now many of the brands that we know are becoming proactive on social media channels. See this video campaign of Virgin airlines (Search for “virgin airlines safety video”)


This is because they are able to establish their brand ahead of time. People love what they do and their products resulting to advocacy and followers. All you have to do is understand what content most people share on social media sites, what taste people love to share and talk about.

4. When you earn those High Quality Links, likes and shares (Earned Media) use them to improve your brand.

You now have a website that has good branding practices, content assets that drives readership and social media campaign that works for your marketability. To cut it short, you have the traffic that you need.

Here are simple steps to take advantage of the traffic that you have.

  1. Subscriptions – Prepare a subscription form for your readers so that they can follow new offers and updates about your products and services.
  2. Encourage your traffic to visit your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and follow you.
  3. Offer programs like “share to a friend” “email to a friend” and ways to connect your website to people who haven’t had a chance to know about you.

5. Links that are high quality are the ones that are hard to find – EARN IT!

If you found a link and you can already see a number of websites using the link opportunity for SEO purposes then don’t stick on it. Soon many link builders like you will flood that link opportunity and will lower the link influence and often could result to link spam and a hole for Google penalty. Always remember that High Quality Links are hard to find but definitely worth earning.


Vishal Gaikar

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