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Since the introduction of Google Panda, ranking high in Google search engine has become a daunting task for many. For a long time, web publishers relied heavily on SEO experts to increase their presence online. Unknown to them is that they too can easily optimize their blogs and sites with a little bit of assistance.


Ranking high on Google should not be an uphill task anymore with the introduction of SEMRUSH. SEMRUSH is a site that strives to make it easy for web publishers to rank high in Google and other search engines by revealing to you some of the most competitive keywords that will enable you to stand out. One of the reasons why most web publishers find it hard to rank high in search engines is because they tend to use the same keywords that other web publishers are using.

So why should you opt for SEMRUSH? Illustrated below, are some of the reasons why you should consider using SEMRUSH when looking for competitive keywords to optimize your blog or site with:

Access to Competitive Google Keywords

If you own an e-commerce site, then you know that the use of keywords is the secret to driving relevant traffic to your site. It is impossible to target various market niches by just using a single keyword. For example, keywords used in Google UK may differ from those used in Google US, Google Australia and Google Canada amongst others.

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In order to target prospective clients in these markets, you need to understand the keywords to use. SEMRUSH will provide you with right keywords to use hinging on the market. SEMRUSH has extensively covered the keywords used in different search engines such as Bing that will enable you to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Let’s take example of the popular Website Amazon. You can try it with any site and a Internet marketer can try it with their competitor site.

In addition to obtaining Google keywords, SEMRUSH will also enable you to access AdWords keywords. There are thousands of people who use eBay to sell items. As such, to stand out amongst thousands of traders in eBay, you need to know the correct AdWords to utilize. SEMRUSH will provide you with the correct AdWords to use on your blog or e-commerce site thereby allowing you to reach your target market with relative ease.

See Who Your Competitors Are

What would you do if you were able to see who your competitors are? Perhaps the greatest benefit that SEMRUSH offers users is the ability to see who their competitors are. By making use of the application, you will be in a position to obtain a comprehensive list of all your competitors not only in organic, but paid Google search results. This way, you will be able to know how to use keywords in order to make your business visible. Have a look to the following screenshot showing us the top competitors of

Discover Hidden Keywords

SEMRUSH will also enable you to discover hidden keywords as well as related keywords that you can utilize to optimize your blog or e-commerce site. Hidden keywords are simply phrases that are not commonly used by online traders but are competitive.

Therefore, if you are aspiring to be a profitable SEO expert, you need to have by your side SEMRUSH.

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