10 Easy ways to get DoFollow Backlinks

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DoFollow Backlinks is a backlink to your website that Google can read. It can read and index the link so that it may help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

DoFollow Backlinks

This article tells you ten ways you may be able to get yourself a few more followed DoFollow Backlinks (backlinks without the no-follow tag). The methods on this website are downright easy.

1. Post on guest posts

This means going to another blogger and proposing a guest post. If the blogger says yes then you hand over your guest post and your backlink and the blogger posts the guest post on their blog along with your backlink. The backlink should be a followed one automatically.

2. Post on followed forums

Finding ones that are not laden with the no-follow tag is difficult, and finding ones where the forum master does not remove your link shortly after you add it is also difficult. If you want to do it the easy way then contact the forum master and offer him or her a few dollars to allow you to post your link and a few messages on the forum.

3. Post on other peoples followed comment sections

This can be both easy and hard. It is easy because all you have to do is find a blog comment section and put your message and your backlink onto it. The process may be difficult if you have trouble finding a blog that has a followed comment section. It may also be difficult if the blogger removes your backlink from the comment section.

4. Write high quality and interesting content to get people to link to you

Backlinks are supposed to be organic. Google wants people to link to you of their own free will. This then proves the quality of your work. However, it is possible to link to yourself which is why Google has other means of judging your website. Still, if you write interesting and engaging content then people will want to link to your website because of it.

5. Upload to article websites

The bad ones have all been kicked off the Internet and off the search engines. The good ones are the only ones that remain, so all you need to do is write an article that is relevant to the people that visit your website. You then add your link either within it or under it depending upon what the article website says you should do.

6. Try reciprocal linking

This involves secretly getting in touch with other websites via email or social media and asking them if they would like to swap links. It is good because you both have an incentive to keep the link because if one deletes the link then the other will delete it too.

7. Get yourself entered into directories

There are paid directories on the Internet that can offer you a few followed links and can also offer you more traffic. That traffic may end up linking to you too, so this sort of thing is a good idea if you have to money and can find a good enough directory.

8. Link from your own blogs and websites

If you have other blogs and websites then link them up. Do it to different pages, so do not have one page link to another website page and then back again. Mix them up as you link them, but link them up well so that they may all share the SEO benefit between them all. Do not just link from text links; do not forget to link from widgets, page elements, videos and images.

9. Answer questions on Q&A websites

There are Q&A websites such as the Yahoo one. You can answer a question and if your answer is the most popular or is picked then your link is visible to the online community. It creates a followed link and all you had to do was answer a question and squeeze your link in at the end.

10. Use an SEO company

If you were really looking for very easy ways, then simply hire someone to do it all for you. SEO companies that know their stuff will have made deals with other websites that have a high PageRank so that they may link from them and improve your SEO. They are able to get you more links and the most you have to do is check their work at a later date and pay them a wage.

Do you know more ways to get the DoFollow Backlinks? Share with us via comments below.


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