How Has “Hummingbird” Update Affected Online Searches

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Google has introduced several significant changes to its highly popular search engine in the last few months. Search specialists have been debating on the enhanced promotional campaigns like the new appearance for mobile outcomes, Google Panda and Penguin updates, and other technical updates.


In spite of all these updates, the average Google browser has not been able to notice a great difference. This is exactly why Google intends to enhance its search engine features for their users.

In this regard, Google announced on its 15th birthday its recent update known as “Hummingbird”, which is the first major change in Google search since 2001. Some reputed and professional companies offering SEO services have noted this update in order to help their clients to enhance their web presence

Google is known for updating its search algorithm several times in the last few years, however, it focused more on enhancing Google search for gathering information, such as identifying duplicate and spam content, indexing the websites, and more.

Google Hummingbird Update

On the other hand, Hummingbird focuses more on the user than the content. It is more about understanding what Google browsers are exactly looking for and providing them with more relevant answers.

This new update is not a simple tweak to Google search functionality. In fact, it is an entirely a new search algorithm that affects 90% of all searches. Several professional SEO services are taking complete advantage of this new Google update.

A feature of Hummingbird is that it helps to resolve longer search queries.  Instead of analyzing an individual word in a search engine, Google now examines the browser’s search query as a whole and processes the exact meaning of it. It focuses more on the context to understand the searcher’s exact intent in order to provide him or her with more relevant results.

This has made Google search more human-friendly by making Google’s search engine better at understanding the language and answering the queries more accurately. This aspect is beneficial for several advanced link building services to optimize their clients’ website effectively.

With the Hummingbird update, Google now offers much better and more relevant answers to more complex, longer, and conversational queries of the searchers. So before, if you  typed “Food restaurants in my city” you found articles on food restaurants, a map of some random food restaurant in your city, some catering equipment supplier’s website, and other different results for your query.

Food restaurants

With Hummingbird, Google understands your query in a better manner and displays the list of all popular food restaurants in your city along with the Map for Food restaurants in your city.  Now Google search results match the meaning for your entire query rather than just key individual words of your query.

Mobile searches are a major driving force for the introduction of this latest Google update. The Smartphone users enter shorter queries when they want to search for something, as they find it inconvenient to type many words on the screen of their Smartphone.

However, this search practice reverses when the voice search is used. The voice search queries are more complex, longer, and more conversational. On account of the modern technological developments, Google is trying to offer a better voice search experience to its Smartphone users.

With the advancement of this technology, Google is able to pull in additional user information of its signed-in users who are using their Smartphones, such as user’s location, time of the day, social connections of the user like Google+, and prior searches.

With the introduction of Hummingbird, Google is offering its users more constant, verbal, and quicker search results. If you intend get found by your potential customers easily, the assistance of professional SEO services can prove worthy. In this way, Google is paving the way for a better world of information exchange and communication by making its search engine more efficient at understanding people’s queries.


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