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Easy WP SEO review will cover all main features of this great SEO plugin. As everyone online is competing for the best SEO. Although it is imperative to understand SEO to move your site to a position of prominence, a majority of people who have a firm handle on SEO are members of the computer-science industry and either have degrees or years of experience.

So why not rely on them for some help? We’re all competing for the best SEO practices, but the other hand of the spectrum, tech entrepreneurs are creating products that can simplify and optimize our SEO practices.

Easy WP SEO is the Name!

If you use WordPress, there are a variety of plug-ins that will help you with your SEO. For those of you who are new to the world of plug-ins, it might be helpful to know that a plug-in is a piece of software that operates within larger software programs. These smaller, more finely tuned programs change the capabilities of your software in a very specific way.  In this instance, we’re talking about Easy WordPress SEO as it operates within – you guessed it – WordPress!

SEO factors : Keyword Density , SEO Score and Analysis

The first thing about Easy WP SEO is that it can consider multiple keywords, or phrases, when determining keyword density. Keyword density has become incredibly important because Google penalizes sites that overuse keywords. An inaccurate algorithm could cause the plug-in to calculate the keyword density as less than it actually is, and would suggest optimizing to a higher percentage of density. This could possibly result in a penalization and knock your site down the list.

By offering multiple keyword searches, Easy WP SEO offers a more accurate representation of what search engines are looking for (both good and bad). When your keyword density percentages are more accurate, you are better equipped to adjust your content as needed. Easy WordPress SEO also optimizes the content for you and monitors readability.

Another standout feature for Easy WP is that it analyzes the entire document, inserts a keyword into the title and gives you the option to insert keywords into meta tags and the URL of the post. This is important because search engines analyze all of these elements when determining relevance. A plug-in that analyzes only the page or post at hand is no longer enough.

LSI Keywords

Easy WordPress SEO plugin supports the LSI keywords, you can simply search for them from the plugin screen. And it allows you to add them with just drag and drop into your post.  This can increase the relevancy of your post to the related keywords, which can help you increase your rankings in Search Engines.

Easy WP SEO vs SEOPressor

Easy WPSEO gives precise and accurate on-page SEO scores and suggestions because it uses proprietary technology that analyzes the ENTIRE page like a search engine would — instead of just the post/page title and content.

There are a lot of decent WordPress SEO Plugins like WP SEO Automation, Simple WordPress SEO, WP Easy content, SEOPressor and so on out there, but if you’re looking for a perfect premium plug-in with tech support and a warranty, you might be ready to fork over the cash. Easy WPSEO is 37$, and you can use it for free for 60 days. If you’re already using another plug-in, you can import all of your keywords to eliminate re-entering all of the data. Also, once you purchase Easy WordPress SEO, you get a multi-site license and you get free updates for life.

If you like my review about Easy WP SEO then you can purchase this plugin from here. Thank you.

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