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Here are a few apps you can use to make music. Some of them allow you to create your own track acoustically, and others allow you to mix tracks in order to make your own composition.

Music apps

Each has its own level of sophistication, with some of the apps that allow you to jump from making your own music to mixing tracks.


If you are in to music via your Android phone or tablet, then you have probably already heard of this app. It already has nine million users. It allows you to covert the things you say and sing into music.

It is a sort of speech-to-music program and has already been used in two mainstream songs in order to create a backing tune. It is also free, which is a bonus.

Music Matrix

This app works on a cloud sharing scheme. It gives you a sequencer with a 16×16 sequencer matrix. It gives you a number of lead instruments that you can alter so that they play the way you want. You can create your own small compositions which work very well as mobile phone ringtones.


This app is very clever because it matches your rapping words to the beat of the music. If you are missing beats or are generally a bad rapper, this device will correct your mistakes and make you sound like the next Biggie Smalls. You can create a rap of your own, or you can pick from a number of songs and put it on auto-rap.

The tracks in its library are not bad and are from real rappers, plus you can add visualizations to your raps. You can also share your raps on social media networks such as Facebook.

Electric Drum Machine/Sampler

This app will allow you to play real time playbacks and edit them as you go. You can add and remove sections of your track and wait for a sound to occur prior to the edit taking place. You can load a number of drum kits and compose your own music with them. You can come up with solo samples or live performances if you wish.

Audiotool Sketch

This app has things such as bass lines and sound sequencing functions. It has drum machines and sequencers that emulate various devices. It allows you to chance the tempo and switch patterns. It has a multi-touch ability so that you may control the output signal of the device.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

This app has over 400,000 tabs for you to choose from. It is the world’s largest database for musical tabs that you can learn from and adapt to make your own compositions. You can add the tabs to your favorites, which then pulls them offline so then you may use them without connecting to the Internet.

You can organize your app and create your own music. There are two versions you can try, with the more advanced version costing a dollar more.


Play, listen to, or record your own karaoke tracks or you can remix them if you like. You can have group members sing their own versions and then share the tracks. It is primarily an iOS operation, so if your friends have an Apple mobile device then they can record their parts of the song, swap them around with the rest of your group and then build a full song out of all the tracks.


Somehow this app has become popular, possibly because of the novelty value. Basically, it gives you a keyboard where you can press the notes on the screen and it plays your song. It is for the iPad or iPhone, and basically turns each one into your own little musical instrument.


The idea behind this app is to give you your own little recording studio. It gives you a multi-touch keyboard as well as electronic and acoustic drum kits. You may play your music and record your tracks, all whilst playing your mobile device as if it were the instrument itself.

BeatMaker 2

This fun link iOS app allows you to cut up and mix your tracks. You may cut up as much as you like and then merge and mix it with other tracks in order to create your own composition. You can also loop tracks or sounds in order to create a nice effect, and you may share your compositions with others.

Magic Piano

This Android app allows you to hear music played on a piano. You can set the tempo of each musical track by touching the toggles set out on the screen.

It gives you guides through the notes that are being played and offers you a guide on how to play the track that you are fiddling with. It allows you to personalize tracks and to share them via social media networks.


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