Top 5 Android Apps For Productive Students

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When it comes to studying, everyone prepares in a different way. Perhaps you choose to download smartphone and android applications to help you study more effectively or stay organized in the midst of a busy semester. For whatever study strategy you take, there are hundreds of different applications available for students. Here are five of the top Must Have android apps to help you in between classes, during a test, or when you need a little inspiration.

Top 5 Android Apps For Productive Students

1. Evernote

Evernote is an application that allows you to keep track of your lecture notes on the go. Students can also create audio notes, upload a file, or take pictures. One of the best features of Evernote is the program’s ability to recognize and make the text in the pictures searchable on the Internet. Users with free accounts are limited to 60 MB/month, but a $5 subscription (discounted at $45/year) increases this usage to 1,000 MB/month. One of my favorite android apps.

2. RealCalc

Transform your phone into a scientific calculator with this handy application. You no longer have to worry about leaving your calculator at home or work on an exam day or having to foot the bill for an expensive scientific calculator you might only use for one semester. RealCalc is free, includes a unit converter, and works well for algebra, trigonometry, combinations, and more.

3. StudyDroid

Another free offering, StudyDroid eliminates the need to create flash cards with marker and 3″ x 5″ cards. With this app, you can study anytime and anywhere. Create your own set of flash cards online and download them to your phone or choose from a variety of pre-made cards on the site. From written note to visual learners, you can make your cards a little more interactive by adding pictures you’ve taken with your phone’s camera.

4. Mindjet

Formerly known as Thinking Space (and its pay version, Thinking Space Pro), this free application uses diagrams to represent words and ideas with mind maps. If you’re having trouble writing down what you’re thinking, do it graphically. Mindjet helps you brainstorm, take notes, and organize your thought processes. Create order in the midst of all of the chaos – something an overwhelmed student will likely be happy to hear.

5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Every student, whether enrolled in writing courses or studying the sciences, needs quick access to a dictionary. Take some of the heft out of your backpack with this free app and gain access to the wide world of words. The app includes a thesaurus and voice search function for those hard-to-spell terms you learned in the lecture hall.

No matter how far along you are in your studies, these applications are available to you anytime you need them. Make the pursuit of education a little bit more manageable with a selection of tools that will find you staring at your mobile phone for all the right reasons.

If you know more better Best Free android apps which are useful for students then share with us via comments below.


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