BlackBerry OS 10 vs Windows Phone 8

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Here is the article explains details about BlackBerry OS 10 vs Windows Phone 8. The release of the Blackberry OS has led to a great deal of controversy whether or not it is better or as good as the Windows 8 OS, Android and the Apple’s iOS.


Everyone has their own preference what they like or do not like in a phone, below is a comparison of just a few of the most important details of Blackberry OS 10 vs The Windows Phone 8


Windows and Blackberry each have their own version of a lock screen. They are very different in the way they are displayed. Windows 8 uses a wallpaper image, allowing for information to be seen such as email. The Blackberry allows for choosing what and how you want locked and you can choose a wallpaper if you so desire.


The notification areas are different as well, with the Blackberry’s appearing on the left side. Whenever you want to read it you can swipe it from any corner, applications open will be minimized for your convenience. All notifications are stored in one place providing the ability to see them all at once. In the case of Windows 8 they are live tiles, with the notifications showing on different tiles.

Search Engines

Windows 8 phones uses Microsoft’s default search engine Bing. When an entry is searched it automatically searches the web and the device being used. When the search is finished it categorises the results. The Blackberry OS works in almost the same way but without categorizing the results.


Just like computers running Windows 8, all apps are shown as live tiles or listed in order. It is more convenient but can be slow, because they are updated constantly. You can resize and move the tiles any way you want them. A grid of apps is what you get when you look at the Blackberry. The home page shows you a list of apps that are running. Test were made testing the speed of both phones and the Blackberry scored higher in this category.

Back and Forth

Accessing the back button is the only way to access certain things on the Windows phone, when closing applications or looking for a menu takes up more time than the Blackberry, doing more than one thing at a time and causes it to slow down. The Blackberry shows all apps running with a red x beside it for easy closure, and thus it speeds up the things.


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