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With the time being, our computer becomes slow, that’s why from time to time it is advisable to completely reinstall the operating system. The downside of doing this thorough cleaning, is that it is difficult to find the drivers of our computer, but happily there are programs like Free Driver Backup that allow us to make a copy of all the necessary drivers for our computer.


Free Driver Backup is a program which allows to backup and restore windows device drivers with only one click.  You can make a copy of all the drivers on your computer, this is one of the best tool I’ve seen, this does not need the original disks or drivers looking for online, simply make a copy of the drivers you have installed on your computer to reinstall.

After installing the Free Driver Backup program, simply check all your drivers and displays the list of drivers installed on your computer. You can select all drivers or just the ones you need to Backup and click on the button Backup, to do the copy.

Free Driver Backup identifies all the hardware in the system, and extracts their associated drivers from the HDD and backs them up to a specific default location. I suggest you to crate the backup of all your necessary drivers so it will be helpful in the future to prevent any problems if your Windows crashes.

Free Driver Backup Features

  • Backup & Restore Your Drivers
  • Reinstalling Windows Hassle-free
  • Optional Drivers Scanning Methods
  • Backup Cookies
  • Registry Backup
  • View the Driver Info

The tool also gives you information about the drivers, this information includes device, name, date, driver, version, digital signatures (if any). The bad thing about this program is that it allows you to save the drivers in only a specific folder, everything is stored in a default folder. Neither has an integration with Dropbox, for example you could make a copy of your drivers and upload them to the cloud to have on hand at any time.

The program also comes with extra plugins that allows you to backup your browser and other services you have on your computer. The software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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